What To Do In Bahrain In One Day

Things To Do In Bahrain In One Day

Covering one country in one day- you might think that I am an effing lunatic though I claim on my bio that I am the sanest person in the whole world. Let me make it clear: Bahrain is one of the tiniest countries in the world. Doesn’t mean that this gem lacks places to visit. But, the smart-ass me managed to cover all the important areas in one day. All thanks to the trip organized by Jalesh cruise. Oh jeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz, I forgot to tell you, I had this trip to Bahrain by Jalesh cruise- India’s first premium cruise. My heart is gushing with enthusiasm when I write this peeps because the cruise trip was mind blowing. OK, not dragging the intro and make you jaded af. If you have a one-day layover or if you are planning to have a quick trip to Bahrain, then this guide of things to do in Bahrain might come in handy. So, here goes Things To Do In Bahrain In One Day

Al Fateh Mosque (Things To Do In Bahrain)

Slap me hard for thinking that all middle east countries are the same.

Things To Do In Bahrain

Bahrain has surprised me with its rich culture and heritage. The place somewhat looked like the Indian metropolitan cities like Bangalore and Chennai(blame me if I am wrong). And Al Fateh mosque is one of the largest mosques in the whole world, which is 6,500 square meters in size and can accommodate over 7,000 worshipers at a time. That’s freaking big, and a photo stop is mandatory… like I did!

Things To Do In Bahrain

Oh, terrible shot by my husband. You see I am a real blogger who captures the true essence and bloopers on a trip. So enjoy! 🙁

Manama Souq

Step out of my blog if you hate shopping! Just kidding, life lovers…

Manama Souq lets you explore the rich tradition and culture of the Arabian Gulf. The quaint and culture-rich streets will lure you to shop more and more.

I brought souvenirs from these streets for cheap rates. Bingo!

Cutesy Streets

Things To Do In Bahrain

I love to explore the streets of a new country until my feet start hurting. That is one way to absorb the culture and ambiance of that place. I was not able to stop walking through these Bahrain streets. How adorable!

And look at this olde-worlde police station.

What To Do In Bahrain In One Day
Guess I wasn’t the only person staring at the building like this

Camel Farm (Things To Do In Bahrain)

Camel Farm is one of the most wonderful places to visit in Bahrain. Have a close encounter with the curious and friendly camels in the Bahrain camel farm. It is absolutely a sheer pleasure to pet and feeds these funny animals on their natural habitat.

Things To Do In Bahrain

Camels love to eat!

And look at this tiny cute one. Felt like taking this guy home!

Things To Do In Bahrain

The other side of the farm is filled with date palm trees, where you can freshly pluck some sweet and ripened dates. Of course, you can eat them; nobody will ask, lol!

Tree Of Life

What To Do In Bahrain In One Day
The tree that witnessed the changes of 400 years. Wish it can speak

Walking to the ‘Tree Of Life‘ was not so motivating at the noontime. But it is hard to miss a 400-year-old tree in a barren area of the Arabian Desert.

Army Museum (Things To Do In Bahrain)

Things To Do In Bahrain

Army Museum is a walk through the historical side of Bahrain and its neighboring countries. Well, I saw some real guns there.

So that is my guide to a quickie in Bahrain. Now you know what to do and the must see places in Bahrain. Plan your trip during winter as it makes the journey comfortable.

QUICK FACTS (Things To Do In Bahrain)

Currency: Bahraini dinar

Dressing: Be respectful while visiting mosques

Water is safe, but better buy bottled water.

E visa for alien UAE residents.