Best Malls In Dubai

Best Malls In Dubai And Why?

Dubai is the ultimate hub of malls; and the malls here are not just shopping destinations but a full-on experience. From food to shopping and entertainment activities, the Dubai shopping malls offer ultimate fun experiences.
There will be N number of articles on the internet recommending the best malls in Dubai, but this blog will definitely state the reason for the same. So keep reading.

Here are the best malls in Dubai

  1. Dubai Mall

  2. Festival City Mall

  3. Mall of the Emirates

  4. Ibn Batuta Mall

  5. Wafi Mall

1. Dubai Mall (Best Malls In Dubai)

Located next to the iconic Burj Khalifa, Dubai mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the world. Always carry walking shoes to explore this mall, because it is that huge. Haha!

Why should you visit– One whole blog is dedicated to the reasons to visit Dubai mall. To name a few reasons, the fountain show, aquarium, on the top Burj khalifa…

2. Festival City Mall

With over 400 outlets, the mall is home to UAE’s first IKEA store, and there are plenty of retail outlets there.

Why should you visit– For IMAGINE, award-winning water and laser show like no other.

3. Mall Of Emirates

Best Malls In Dubai

Yet another shopping destination owned by Majid Al Futtaim with plenty of amazing retail outlets.

Why should you visit– Offers a place to enjoy snow, ski, snowboard, meet the penguins, zip line or take a chairlift ride in the middle of the dessert.

4. Ibn Batuta Mall

A themed mall set in remarkable architecture is a place itself to explore. Do visit for some instagrammable pictures.

Why should you visit– The mall itself is a destination with skyzone, a trampoline park to jump your heart out.

5. Wafi Mall- Best Malls In Dubai

A distinctive shopping destination set in the Egyptian pyramid theme is a must-visit place if you look forward to shopping in style. The old pharaonic style is spread on its walls as pharaonic paintings, images of obelisks, and hieroglyphic inscriptions.

Why should you visit– If you want to visit Egypt, then go here first.

So, which one are you visiting first?