Best Pavilion Expo 2020

5 Best Pavilions Of Expo 2020 and Why?

The grand extravagance or whatever bigger word you would call for- Expo 2020 has plenty of things to explore and experience. Right from the mesmerising water fountain to the intriguing robots and rotating garden, Expo 2020 is winning the heart of people around the globe. I am incredibly proud and happy that my favourite city, Dubai is hosting it with great enthusiasm. Out of all the magical facades, I don’t really want you guys to miss these 5 best pavilion of Expo 2020, and I would definitely state the reason for the same.

#1 Saudi Arabia- Best Pavilion Expo 2020

Out of all the pavilions I visited, Saudi Arabia stole my heart with the visual drama and opulence. The journey from the traditional village to the sensory interactive lighting display that this pavilion had set for the visitors is highly appreciable.

Why should you visit? The Guinness world record lighting display

#2 Luxembourg

Apart from the grandeur and the visually appealing interiors, the Luxembourg pavilion has a slide that sends you straight to the pavilion’s ground floor.

Why should you visit? The beautiful slide where you can have some fun

#3 Germany

This visually pleasing pavilion in Expo has a lot in store for you. Right from the ball of the pool to the swings, this pavilion is definitely going to make your hair rise.

Why should you visit? The ball pool and swings.

#4 The Netherlands

One of the most sustainable pavilions at Expo 2020. The Netherland pavilion had plenty of things in store for you. The walls of the pavilions cultivated oyster mushrooms, and there is also an umbrella show with a water fountain.

Why should you visit? Umbrella Show

Best Pavilion Expo 2020

#5 Brasil- Best Pavilion Expo 2020

The Brasil pavilion is just open and airy, with a hammock in the middle of the water. The highlight is the hammock, where you can stretch your legs and relax after a long day of exploring the Expo pavilions.

Why should you visit? To walk in the water and swing in the hammock.

Here are my top recommendations, but if you want to explore more, you can consider these pavilions.

  1. Egypt
  2. Switzerland
  3. UAE
  4. UK
  5. USA
  6. India
  7. Russia
  8. Hungary

Also, don’t miss the water fountain and Al Wasl show- it is out of the world.

One day or even one week is not enough to fully explore Expo 2020, so it is advisable to get one month ticket to enjoy this grandeur to the fullest. Have fun :).