Trip To Armenia From Dubai

Why Should You Plan A Trip To Armenia From Dubai?

Thanks to the geographical location and well-connected airports, Dubai is a perfect place to make travel plans to everywhere in the world. And of course, it is absolutely a Cool Idea To Plan A Trip To Armenia From Dubai. I will say why! Keep reading

Because Armenia is beautiful (Trip To Armenia From Dubai)

“It’s better to see once than to hear thousands of times”- this a famous Armenian proverb. I just feel this popular proverb addresses about Armenia itself. Blessed with abundant natural beauty, cobbled streets, rich history, unique culture, spectacular monuments, stunning statues and, exotic wildlife, Armenia is that one mandatory visit place from Dubai.

Just take a small drive from the vibrant city area to the rural side of Armenia. You will witness the most beautiful countryside that renders crisp and fresh air.

Because Armenians are too lovely

Armenians are super awesome, friendly, and lovely, and… I don’t know how to express the overwhelming generosity of Armenians, because they are so good. You might be gaping if they have given me gold or something to write like this. But No!

Our tour guide took us to her home, and her family just made us go WOW with their hospitality. They cooked for us, guys!!!!!! They literally swept us with their diligent hospitality and affection. So I give 100/100 for the people.

Because Armenian food is delicious

The local cuisines of Armenia deserve a special mention on my blog. Armenian food is delicious and rich as its history. Khash, dolma or stuffed grape leaves, and borscht or beetroot soup are among the traditional Armenian dishes. They also make the freshest vegetables and meat kebabs.

Because Armenia is easy to reach (Trip To Armenia From Dubai)

It just takes 3 hours on the flight to reach Armenia. Also, there are four flights per week from Dubai to Armenia.
So, no more flight duration excuses. You can plan a trip to Armenia during the weekends.

Because Armenia has the longest ropeway in the world

You will explore one of the ancient creations in Armenia, Tatev Monastery, by a ropeway that holds the Guinness world record for being the longest one in the world. Wings of Tatev is 5,752 meters in length, and it will take you to Tatev monastery.

Because Armenia has the most delicious water in the world

Water in Armenia is declared as the safest and most delicious one because it comes from natural sources. In the capital city of Yerevan, you can find plenty of drinking water fountains installed for the people to drink clean cold water free of charge.

Because Armenia has snow (Trip To Armenia From Dubai)

Are you longing to experience snow during winter? Plan a trip to Armenia during winter and experience the snowy weather. It is one of the nearest countries from Dubai, where you can experience snow. In fact, it is cheap as well!

You have got enough reasons to To Plan A Trip To Armenia From Dubai. If you are still confused, you can check my blog post An Ultimate Tour Guide To Armenia From Dubai and make travel plans. It has everything I did from start to finish in Armenia.

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Trip To Armenia From Dubai