Things To Do In Serbia

Top Things To Do In Serbia: The Ultimate Serbia Travel Guide

Oolala Oolala Oolala Oolala Serbia is my fantasy. If you’d ask me whether Serbia was my fantasy a couple of months ago, I would say NOOOO. But see, my perception has changed after my friends threw me some pictures of Serbia from google. Honestly, this country was not on my bucket list, but super guilty right now for having prejudices. Why Serbia, then? Well, the failed COVID travel plan and the pending tickets in Air Arabia made me create a tripping group with my girl gang on Whatsapp. What happened next is history. We tried checking and booking the countries listed in Air Arabia, but nothing worked out, and we finally ended up in Serbia. And it is the best decision ever! This blog will detail our journey and the things to do in Serbia. 

But before getting into the things to do in Serbia, let me give you a brief insight into this beautiful country.

Serbia is a country at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe. It is situated in the southern Pannonian Plain and central Balkans; borders Hungary to the north, Romania to the northeast, Bulgaria to the southeast, North Macedonia to the south, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the west, and Montenegro to the southwest; while claiming a border with Albania through the disputed territory of Kosovo. 

With a population of roughly 7 million, the beautiful landscapes of Serbia are a treat for the eyes. The country is relatively small with a fraught history and gorgeous landscapes. 

Here is the ultimate guide and top things to do in Serbia

Getting around Serbia

We took rent a car from the airport for travelling around Serbia. A friend of mine got an international driving license from ATCuae for 175 AED. This made things easier for us. 

The total cost of renting a car is 330 USD; however, it differs with the type of car and the company you choose. 

When to Visit Serbia

I recommend the summer months from May to September because the winters can be so grey and dark in Europe.

What to pack

If you are travelling during the summer months, then better carry sunglasses, sunscreen, caps and summer wear. 

Day 1- Zlatibor

We started our journey from Dubai international airport. A vaccination card and PCR test within 48 hours are mandatory to travel to Serbia. The journey is around 5 hours.

The excitement aired as we stepped inside the Nikola Tesla international airport. The first thing we did was rent a car, and we drove all the way to Zlatibor. In between, we stopped for groceries. The landscape on the track is super gorgeous. You will have many photo-stops on the way to Zlatibor. 

We opted Cottage Vodice for our stay in Zlatibor. The accommodation is 40 km from Bajina Bašta, and guests benefit from complimentary WiFi and private parking available on site. This holiday home has two bedrooms, a TV, and a kitchen with a stovetop. There is a garden with a barbecue at this property, and guests can go hiking and cycling nearby.

The cottage was well equipped with all the essential items required for a perfect staycation. And indeed, we cooked pasta and had a great good night sleep after a long tiring day of travelling. 

Day 2- Zlatibor- Things To Do In Serbia

Started our day with a hike in the valleys and mountains behind our cottage. The hike was super refreshing with my girl gang. We clicked plenty of instagrammable pictures in the mountains that came out perfectly splendid. 

During the spring season, the valleys of Serbia turns into an oasis of green, perfect for relaxing and picnic. The tiny flowers in the greenery are just to die for. 

Later on, we headed to Casa de Vinos for a breakfast buffet. 

Drive through Tara National Park

Honestly, one day is not enough to cover Tara National Park. Right from the mountains to greenery, river, streams, flora and fauna, the Tara National Park is the ultimate package for nature lovers. 

Since our time was limited, we drove inside the national park and stopped at the viewpoint. But here are some of the must-visit places inside the Tara National Park. 

Perućac Lake: Located next to the Drina river, Perućac Lake is the commercial part of Tara National park specially dedicated for tourists. 

Zaovine Lake: If you want to dip your head and cool off in a natural lake, then head to Zaovine Lake. Entering the water is not always recommended as the water level change is dangerous to swim.

Red stream nature reserve: The small stream of the river that spills over the clay deposit to give red colour. 

Carpet Meadows: A moorland with no human influence perfect for a walk. 

Drina River Photo Stop (Things To Do In Serbia)

After a long drive inside Tara National park, we stopped in the Drina river to enjoy its mesmerising beauty. Drina river is one of the most beautiful rivers of Serbia that border between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Traditional Seafood Lunch At Restoran Kod Pece

Ideally located in the middle of green filled location, Restoran Kod Pece is a seafood restaurant that serves delicious fish soup and cooked fish from the Drina River. The fruit-based alcohol, Rakija, is a must-try from here. 

Rate- 35 AED per head

Raca Monastery

After lunch, we headed to Raca monastery, located 7 km south of Bajina Bašta, Serbia. The monastery built by Stefan Dragutin (1276-1282) has an ancient charm worth 1000 clicks. Inside, you can have close-up views of magnificent medieval frescoes.

Day 3- Zlatibor

Breakfast at Zorina Krcma

We couldn’t get enough of the backyard valley view, so we again decided to take a walk in the streamside the following day. It is such a beautiful picnic spot. 

After exploring the valley to the fullest, we headed for breakfast in a cutesy restaurant called Zorina Krcma, where we tried Komplete Lepinja (a sandwich made with bun and cream). 

Sirogojno old village

Spectacular is the feeling I had walking through meadows with houses that look straight from the 19th century. This village is preserved in the 50 hectares wide area with important monuments of culture, spirituality and tradition of the Serbian countryside life.

Gostilje Waterfalls

Just 25 kilometres away from Zlatibor city is the most beautiful waterfalls, popularly known as Gostilje Waterfalls. The enchanting beauty of these waterfalls can’t be expressed in words. 

Zlatibor Local Market

A walk in the streets through handcrafted goodies, artefacts and souvenirs is euphoric. Zlatibor Market is your place if you want to buy some gifts for your loved ones back home. It ain’t that expensive too.

Day 4- Belgrade

Street Walk At Knez Mihailova

After having a scrumptious breakfast in a restaurant called Smokvica, we headed straight for a walk-in at Knez Mihailova street.

Right from the expensive branded stores to cafes, pubs and restaurants, you will find plenty of things to do and experience in the streets. Don’t forget to check out republic square. 

Belgrade Fortress

Belgrade fortress is the popular tourist destination of Serbia. You can either go for a picnic here or just watch the sun goes up or down here in the city of Belgrade with the backdrop of the Danube river.

Millennium Tower (Things To Do In Serbia)

If you want to see the panoramic view of Belgrade city, visit the Millenium tower. There is the entrance ticket, but the climb up the tower is worth it.

Bohemian Streets

Things To Do In Serbia

The Bohemian street of Belgrade is always happening, with a vast and vibrant crowd of residents and tourists merrily enjoying their time. We had our scrumptious lunch from the bohemian street with a group of singers to entertain us. 

Things To Do In Serbia

The Nightlife of Belgrade

The nightlife in Belgrade is pretty much amazing. Indeed, Belgrade is known as the party capital of Europe. But make sure you dress up appropriately and wear heels to get access. Also, make reservations during weekends as it can be swamped.

Here are some of my nightclub recommendations

  • Hype Belgrade Night club
  • Freestyle Belgrade night Club
  • Square Belgrade nightclub
  • Or just go to the banks of river Sava, you will find plenty of clubs there.

Day 5- Belgrade- Things To Do In Serbia

Danube River 

Things To Do In Serbia

The next day morning, we headed straight to the Danube river for breakfast and boating. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do it because during summer the boating happens only during the evening after 6.

The boating in the Danube river will take you to almost all the famous tourist destinations in Belgrade. But hey, we had a short walk in the river, and it was great!

Nokia Tesla Museum (Things To Do In Serbia)

Things To Do In Serbia

The Nikola Tesla museum is dedicated to honouring and displaying the work of the great scientist Nikola Tesla, and in fact, it is his final resting place.

The museum visit started with a small video explaining the life of Tesla and then later on proceeded for some intriguing science experiments. 

Sava temple

Things To Do In Serbia
World’s second-largest Orthodox temple

Your visit to Belgrade is incomplete without the Sava temple. It is one of the most iconic monuments in the Balkans that is spectacular from both inside and outside.

Drive through NATO bombing spots

Some of the NATO bombed buildings are preserved in Belgrade city. We took a drive through those streets, and it was not something positive to watch. 

Ada Ciganlija (Things To Do In Serbia)

Things To Do In Serbia

Ada Ciganlija is a river island located in the Sava river’s course through central Belgrade. It is a popular summer destination, where the residents come out to enjoy the sun. There is a park, restaurants and pubs inside this island. We took a tram ride all over this place. 

After having a delicious dinner from Lafayette Cuisine, we went to sleep.

Day 6- Dubai

After a healthy breakfast, we headed to the airport. 

Things To Do In Serbia


  • Currency: Serbian Dinar
  • Clothing: Loose clothes during summer
  • No visa required for Indian residents
  • Total cost of the trip for us including food, flight, accommodation and other travel expenses- 3700 AED approx.
  • We booked Fly Dubai for our trip.

Where to stay in Serbia?

  • Cottage Vodice in Zlatibor
  • Natalie’s Home in Belgrade