Incredible Reasons To Visit Thailand

7 Incredible Reasons To Visit Thailand

Hellooowwww Hoomans!!! For the past two weeks, I have been lingering on the pictures of my trip to Thailand. These days I lack contents, but I have to keep you entertained, right? So I’m digging up my old trip photographs and making a blog out of it. You should appreciate my sincerity to keep you beguiled! However, viewing old trip pictures makes me dribble over it again and again. The pictures are so tempting that I feel like going back there. To suppress my urge to go back to Thailand I decided to post a blog that gives you hankering to visit that place(devilish grin). So, here you go the Incredible Reasons To Visit Thailand.

Super economical

Whenever there is a conversation about the international trip from India among the young crowds in India, especially Kerala, THAILAND pops up as the first option. First of all, it is economical, ( cheap accommodation, food, and airfare) and secondly, it is freaking awesome guys!!

Beautiful beaches

Pattaya beach
Incredible Reasons To Visit Thailand

I am a beach person!!! In fact, I want to live in a beach cottage like forever, gazing at the waves and hearkening to the wave sound. But look at the beach in Pattaya, it is crowded like hell. 
If you intend to have a trip to Thailand, try visiting some better beaches(if you are a beach person like me) like Phuket. DO NOT LOSE YOUR SPIRITS WITH THIS PICTURE. It is just a reminder for you not to visit this beach.

Adventurous water activities

Thailand has everything to satisfy the adventure junkie in you. Parasailing, scuba diving and undersea walk- everything! I have tried all these adrenaline pumping activities in Pattaya beach though I am not an adventurous person. In fact, I was pushed to do this parasailing since I was afraid of heights. But I loved it to the core and freaked out to the core when I looked down at the turquoise blue ocean. Just kidding- it was amazing, and you should try this at least once in a lifetime.

Amazing floating markets

Top Reasons To Visit Thailand in 2019.

Are those visuals of floating markets in Indian movie songs flashing at your mind? Of course, there is no shortage of shopping malls or shopping streets in Thailand. But, adding a twist to your regular shopping ain’t a bad idea, right? The floating markets in Thailand are definitely going to be a unique experience for you. 

Top Reasons To Visit Thailand in 2019

You can have an unusual shopping experience by visiting a floating market where you can witness the authentic culture of Thailand.

Serene temples

Reasons to visit Thailand

You are incredibly fortunate if you are able to visit the temples of Thailand. The tranquil ambiance of these temples are worth traveling kilometers. They are constructed magnificently with wood, stone and even recycled beer bottles. 

Things to do in Thailand

Most of the temples in Thailand are very old that dates back to centuries and some are new. 

You can also see the giant Budha statues in Thailand. Wat Pho is a temple famous for its large gold plated Reclining Buddha shrine.

Fascinating Wildlife

Thailand zoo

Thailand is home to the world’s exotic flora and fauna. The nature buffs can hop on to any of the wildlife sanctuaries or open zoos to get closer with the fascinating wildlife of Thailand. Most of the zoos have dolphin shows, chimpanzee shows, and bird watching. After all, Thailand owns some of the best zoos in the world. 

Scrumptious Thai Food

The national cuisines of Thailand are prepared lightly with a strong whiff and a spicy edge. Well… I am satisfied with the term spicy. And for all the seafood lovers out there, Thailand is heaven for you, I swear. 

Food in Thailand is always adventurous- from bug fry to crocodile roast, you can try everything in Thailand. Whether you are experimenting food from the busy streets or luxury star hotels, Thai food can awaken your taste buds. 

Do you have any other Fantastic Reasons To Visit Thailand? If so, comment below.