Top 5 weekend trips from Lund

Top 7 Weekend Trips From Lund, Sweden

Weekends are hard in Lund!!! Especially if you have finished exploring the nook and corners of this charming town. Even though the city of Lund is dynamic and exciting, you will be missing out, if you don’t explore the other destinations of Sweden. So, here are the top 7 weekend trips from Lund.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

You heard me, right? You can explore another country if you are staying in Lund. The city of Copenhagen is just a train away from Lund. Not only, Denmark the proximity to reach other countries from Sweden is high. Thanks to the ideal location of this Scandinavian country and well-connected transportation system.



Just 20 minutes from Lund central(by car), you will reach Bjärred, the coastal locality situated in Lomma Municipality of the Skåne County. We took a bus from Lund central to Bjärred. There is a small walk from the bus stop to the beach region. The beach cottages in the Bjärred region really impressed me, and I felt like owning one (wish my dad was a millionaire!!).

Once you reach the beach area, you can access the restaurant which is located at 600 meters from the shore, at the end of the Long Pier(another Burj Al Arab). The seaside cold was unbearable, but the gracious hospitality extended to us by the restaurant kept us warm.

weekend trips from Lund

We had brunch with the chef of that restaurant, who thoughtfully explained about the culinary secrets of Swedish food. There are an outdoor swimming facility and sauna for the visitors(No, I can’t swim in cold water).



The third largest city of Sweden is a blend of old Europe with a touch of modernity. From turning torso to the Øresund Bridge, Malmö has plenty of places to explore. All you have to do is take a train or bus from Lund central and explore this astounding city of Sweden.

weekend escape from lund- Emporia mall

Malmö is great for shopping also. You can hop on to the Emporia mall, (biggest shopping mall in Scandinavia) or you can stroll around the rustic streets of Malmö and grab stuff. Malmo is one of the easiest Weekend Trips From Lund (just 11 minutes by train).


Weekend getaways from Lund - Jönköping

Nothing in the world can beat the tranquility of this place. The charming streets and colorful candy shops with the backdrop of the lake Vättern(the largest lake in Sweden) make it an ideal weekend escape from Lund.

This place offers some of the best experiences in Sweden (beaches, nature, meadows, lakes and much more). And hence making it one of the best Weekend Trips From Lund


Stockholm- sky view

How can someone miss Stockholm? The super sexy capital of Sweden is called as the “beauty of water.” The chic streets, voguish women, boho ambiance, and well-preserved history places Stockholm as one of Europe’s leading tourist destination. If you have good budget, then take train or flight, otherwise rent a car with your friends and drive to Stockholm. If you ride your vehicle with an average speed of 112 kilometers/hour (70 miles/h), travel time will be 05 hours 23 minutes. On the way to Stockholm, you can marvel the myriad hues of Swedish countryside and forests.

Top 7 Weekend Trips From Lund, Sweden

Enjoy the buzzing and ever evolving city of Stockholm with your gang.


Helsingborg- places to visit in Sweden

From lofty castle ruins to the cobbled streets, Helsingborg has everything to keep you busy. It is a coastal city in southern Sweden with a gothic ambiance.

Weekend getaways From Lund, Sweden

I loved the streets of Helsingborg which is filled with the relics of yesteryears.


Top 7 Weekend Trips From Lund, Sweden

Gratitude to my professor for inviting me to her home and sweeping us with diligent hospitality. It was just amazing to experience the authentic Swedish culture in a Swedish home away from the hassles of the city life.

Båstad is a summer destination!! But unfortunately, I visited during winter. With golf club courts and other beach activities, Båstad is a place for sporty activities.

Well… These are the Top 7 Weekend Trips From Lund I explored during my four months stay in Sweden. Do you have any other place suggestions? If so, comment below. 🙂