Sri Lanka From Dubai

7 Reasons Why You Should Plan Sri Lanka Trip From Dubai NOW!!

Usually, when you make travel plans, you tend to choose the places that are different from the topography of your country of residence, right? Sri Lanka is one such place where you will experience an immense hue and vibe contrast from UAE. With intriguing scenic beauty, rich culture and greenery-filled lands, Sri Lanka is a tiny Island country with unparalleled beauty ready to embrace explorers of all type. Here are a few reasons why should you make travel plans to Sri Lanka from Dubai.

Flight Timing

It will take hardly 4 hours of flight time from UAE to Sri Lanka, and the tickets are super cheap as well! YES, Sri Lanka is one of the cheapest countries from UAE. A complete difference in the topography is achievable with just a few hours of flight from Dubai.
If you want to make a weekend trip to Sri Lanka from UAE, then kindly note that it is possible.

Post Card Beaches Everywhere

UAE holds the trophy of having some fantastic beaches in the world. But the postcard beaches in Sri Lanka will give out an entirely different vibe.

The beaches in the UAE is lined with luxurious resorts and restaurants emitting glam and glitz. In contrast, in Sri Lanka, the beaches are more traditional with shacks, fishing villages, palm trees and greeneries.

Explore this scenic beaches and go wild with the water activities such as parasailing, kite surfing etcetera on the shore. You will also get to have a closer look at the sea giants.

Colonial Remains

Sri Lanka was under the colonial rule for so long, which is very much evident in the bygone colonial-era buildings, bungalows and Tudor style hotels. You will see this old age building standing tall, giving a historical oomph to the cities of Sri Lanka. When you walk amidst this building, you will hear them talking to you about the struggle these people endured to bring independence from Britishers.

Best Train Rides ( Sri Lanka From Dubai)

The Kandy to Ella is said to be the most scenic train journey not only in Sri Lanka but in the whole effing world. The views on both sides of the train journey are breathtakingly beautiful with lush green tea plantation and farms. This self-healing train journey is a mandatory thing to do in Sri Lanka (No, I did n’t do because of the lack of time)

The Elephants Galore (Sri Lanka From Dubai)

When in Sri Lanka, you can get closer with the largest mammals (both in sea and land) in the world. There are opportunities on the beachside for whale watching and the elephants are there in plenty. In fact, the whole of Sri Lanka is rich in different species of flora and fauna, which is all set to delight the wanderlusts.

The Asia’s wildlife hub Sri Lanka boasts 26 national parks and two marine parks. So there is no scarcity if you want to explore the wildlife.

The Beautiful Climate

Sri Lanka has a tropical climate all the year-round, and that makes it favourable for tourists to traverse this island country. If you are a pluviophile, then the chance of you falling in love with this place is high (because I did). On my trip to Sri Lanka, the afternoons were super rainy, which created an overall mood for the trip. And I loved it.

The southwest monsoon is between May and July, and the northeast monsoon is between October and January, which makes Sri Lanka a rainy as well as a sunny destination.

Scrumptious Food (Sri Lanka From Dubai)

My mouth is gushing with saliva when I think about the crab curry and other delicious food that I tried from Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan cuisines are distinctly seasoned with fresh spices and magic to make you go addicted like a true blue sot.

You have got enough reasons to make the Sri Lankan plans. My Sri Lankan Tour Guide will help you plan the trip as well. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets to Sri Lanka From Dubai NOW!!!!


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