Reasons To Visit Oman From Dubai (In Pictures)

If the question, why should you visit Oman from Dubai is directed towards me, I would say my relatives are there! (Just buttering for a stay during my next visit). But, craziness apart, Oman is a fascinating country with a lot of surprises. I have grown up hearing the tales of this enchanting country from my cousins. In fact, this is one country I have longed to visit since childhood. To me, it was a tranquil nation with rocky mountains and turquoise blue wadis. However, you won’t get that “Dubai glitz and glam” in Oman, but if you want to experience the deep-rooted Arabic culture, then Oman is the right place for you. I have compiled five Reasons To Visit Oman From Dubai to add spirit to the explorer in you.

Flight Duration

With more than 18 flights in a day and a duration one hour five minutes, why should you not visit this picturesque neighbor next door? And you can make a trip just now when you are reading this!

The Date Farms

The picture above is not from a tropical island. There are plenty of dates farm in Oman where you can hop on and steal some dates.
Jokes apart, you will land in jail- beware!

The Rich History And Culture

There are museums that portray the rich history and culture of Oman. Visit one and learn how this Arabian wonder is born and evolved. The locals are amiable and are eager to share their history and culture to the visitors.

Tranquil Mosques

UAE is not behind in making the wondrous religious structure, aka mosques. But the tranquility of the mosques in Oman is second to no one.

Reasons To Visit Oman From Dubai

Explore the serene and spectacular mosques of Oman and immerse yourself in the Arabic culture.

Unique Stay-cations

Reasons To Visit Oman From Dubai

A cliff facing villa with infinity pool and the sunset scenes- this place would make a perfect getaway for sure!

Reasons To Visit Oman From Dubai

This resort in Jabal Akhdar offers panoramic views of the mighty Hajar mountains.

Magnificent Mountains (Reasons To Visit Oman From Dubai)

Reasons To Visit Oman From Dubai

This little pit-stop on the way to Jabal Akhdar that offers an enthralling view of the mountains is just AMAZING!

Long drives

Reasons To Visit Oman From Dubai

The stunning drives in Oman’s famed Coastal Route with your family (fun, laughter and gossips) is an experience of a lifetime.

Reasons To Visit Oman From Dubai

You can have a pit stops in the turquoise blue water wadis and dip yourself.

Rural Areas

I have got an opportunity to hike around Jabal Akhtar region and bumped into a pomegranate farm. We had a walk inside and explored the rural areas of Oman. A walk around the village will immerse yourself in the culture and makes you feel like a local.

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