Reasons to visit Kashmir

Reasons To Visit Kashmir (In Pictures)

Amidst the fiery fight between India and Pakistan, Kashmir inhabitants are the ones who suffer the most. Whenever I hear the news from Kashmir, my heart mourns for the ordinary people residing there, who live with extreme insecurities all day and night. In fact, people dare to visit this place because of the constant predicaments prevailing in Kashmir. Apparently, a few years ago, I had my daring trip to the crowning glory of India after seeing the pictures from my Kashmiri batchmate. When the media portrayed the negative side of Kashmir with chaos and terrorism, I found the most loving and caring people with a peaceful ambience in Kashmir. Everybody should visit Kashmir at least once in a lifetime. Here are the Reasons To Visit Kashmir (In Pictures).

#1 Nature

Kashmir is heaven in all ways. Just look at nature.

Kashmir Tourism
Scenic beauty of Kashmir
Kashmir Dam

Most of the people in kashmir are engaged in farming and agriculture.

Farming In kashmir
Terrace Farming

Nature is at best during summer in Kashmir. The flowers will bloom everywhere during the summer season, and it is heaven for the eyes.

Kashmir flower Garden
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Like a flower bed

Shalimar Gardens
Flowers of Kashmir

Even from the dirt

Things to do In Kashmir

#2 People

Kashmir people just blew my mind. I thought all of them are rough and tough because of the overloaded media visuals of arrogant Kashmiri people on my head. I was not expecting warmth and affection. But, let me tell you they are the friendliest people you will ever meet in the world.

Humans of Kashmir
They are beautiful with sharp features!

And, I felt like being one of them

Kashmiri dress

Thanks to the Indian army and the CRPF for maintaining peace and security in this region.

Indian Army In Kashmir

#3 Dal Lake

Yes, Bollywood’s most favorite shooting destination- Dal lake. I had an amazing ride in the houseboat singing “jiya re jiya re” with the signature step of Anushka Sharma. The beauty of Dal lake will force you to dance and be merry even if you don’t want to. It was one of the main Reasons To Visit Kashmir.

When I was all filmy, nature set a mellow drama for me. Suddenly the weather started to change. The sky went dark with heavy rain and wind, and we couldn’t control the boat. Rescue boats came, and we were safely moved to the shore. But the heavy cold and rain made us shiver. The shop vendors near the shore offered us free tea and free blankets (you see they are the loveliest people you will ever meet).

I still remember the Pashmina seller saying ” Kashmir weather change like Mumbai fashion- unpredictable and immediate.”

Dal Lake
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Dal lake

#4 Snow

We had a trip to Gulmarg which is a pristine destination in Jammu Kashmir with snow-capped mountains and breathtaking views. The cable car ride up is awe-inspiring; which will end up above the clouds, where you can witness the tip of mountains.

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#5 Valleys

Pahalgam is a picturesque valley in the Jammu Kashmir. I don’t know how to describe the beauty of this place. Just take a look at yourself

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reasons to visit Kashmir

A mountain horse ride is a great way to explore pahalgam

Things to do In Kashmir

#6 Indo- Pak border

Ending up with a trip to the ‘not so friendly’ India- Pakistan Border.

Indo- Pak Border

The lowering of the flags ceremony at the Attari-Wagah border is a daily military practice followed by India and Pakistan since 1959. Witnessing the ceremony evoked the patriotism in me and I literally had goosebumps

Wagah Border
Pakistan border
Gateway to Pakisthan

This trip happened long back, but the recent war headlines of India and Pakistan made me revisit the pictures. There were curfews in a few areas when we visited Kashmir. The checkpoints will screen the people and bag thoroughly before entering.

I personally don’t support the war, as it kills people on both sides. I can feel the insecurity of the innocent Kashmiri people who always live in fear (I saw the situation with my own eyes). Forget the negativities and look at the above Reasons To Visit Kashmir.

Are you convinced with the above Reasons to Visit Kashmir? Then plan your next holidays to Kashmir.