Guide to getting around Copenhagen

Guide to getting around Copenhagen- Things to see and do

If a genie is granting you a wish to explore the city of Copenhagen with a stipulation of one day time, you can read this blog. Ok, don’t roll your eyes!! I mean there are duplicate genies with limited power. Fineeeee. There was no genie in my case; I took a break from my hectic schedule in Sweden and went to explore the Danish capital, Copenhagen. One thing I still regret is I couldn’t buy Denmark souvenirs from there. So if you find this blog helpful, get me one souvenir from Copenhagen as a gift (well… if you like). So, here is my guide to getting around Copenhagen- Things to see and do.

Start with Ripley’s museum.

Ripley's museum

Ripleys- believe it or not, is my favorite show since childhood. If you have a fantasy to see those marvels in real life, you can have a visit to this museum.
It was a dull rainy morning, so kickstarting it with some mindblowing believe it or not kinds of stuff, kept the energy level high throughout.

Stroll around Langelinie

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Langeline is the home of little mermaid statue. It is a pier which has a park area where the tourists can stroll around or have a picnic.

Langelinie cherry blossom

The park will witness pink hues from the cherry blossom trees during spring. I was lucky enough to see the fully bloomed cherry trees when I visited during early April.

It is a beautiful and serene park inside the busy city.

Catch a glimpse of Little Mermaid

Little mermaid copenhagen

Little mermaid is nothing but a tiny, grubby statue near the seashore. I was expecting something exceptional, but it was a freakish small statue. But hey, it is the icon of Copenhagen which is impressive for Instagram feed (more than 100-years-old).

Explore Tivoli garden

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I kinda like to see people scream in amusement parks, but I don’t want to be the one who screams. So, if you are ready to scream take a ticket to Tivoli garden. Tivoli garden is the second-oldest operating amusement park in the world, doesn’t mean that the rides are old and boring. The park offers fantastic rides, games, musicals, ballet, and major concerts.

I am not an amusement park person, so I skipped Tivoli!

A walk in the Nyhavn Harbour

Nyhavn Harbour

Nyhavn is a picturesque harbor filled with boats and surrounded by colorful buildings. Grab a bottle of beer and chill in the Nyhavn Harbour waterfront while you visit Copenhagen.

Traverse the cobbled streets

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I recommend you to walk and explore the streets of Copenhagen. Each one of them is unique with splendid cafes, restaurants, and shops.

Play your favorite music on the headphones and take a tour around these cobbled streets.

Watch a show in the opera house

Things to do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen opera house is one of the most expensive and the most modern opera houses in the world. This architectural wonder has secured the place of the most iconic buildings in the city and portrays the opulent cultural lifestyle of the Danish people.

Things to do in Denmark

Take a guided tour inside the Opera house and watch a show.

Marvel the Queen’s residence

Amalienborg Palace

If you want to get the pinch of royal history, visit Amalienborg Palace. It is where the queen resides. There is a guard changing ceremony which takes place at noon every day. Do not mess with the guards, I repeat do not! (they hate selfies).

Visit Frederik’s Church

Frederik's Church

Popularly known as The Marble Church, Frederik’s church is an Evangelical Lutheran church in Copenhagen. Located on the west side of the palace, the overall view of the church is breathtaking.

Tour the government buildings

Christiansborg Palace

A guide to getting around Copenhagen is incomplete without Christiansborg Palace.

Christiansborg Palace is the seat of the Danish Parliament, the Danish Prime Minister’s Office, and the Supreme Court of Denmark. It is the place where the queen takes decisions and rule the country. Take a walking tour inside the palace and feel how this amazing country is governed.

Shopping in Strøget- (Guide to getting around Copenhagen)


Shopping is cheaper than therapy in Copenhagen. So, have a guilt-free shopping from Strøget. It is a pedestrian-only shopping street located at the heart of the city.
From budget-friendly shops to the expensive brands, Strøget street in Copenhagen has everything to satisfy the shopaholic in you.

End up with some pub crawling

Discover the nightlife of Copenhagen and party with people from all around the world.

Copenhagen is an exciting city. One day is not enough to cover the whole town. So I recommend you to extend your stay. If it is for one day, then my Guide to getting around Copenhagen will help.

Have fun exploring the enchanting city of Copenhagen!




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