Budget Trip To Dubai

The Ultimate Itinerary For A Budget Trip To Dubai

If you ask me to describe Dubai in one word, I would say “EXTRAVAGANCE.” Dubai is a mesmerizing cosmopolitan city that represents a predominantly modern face with deep-rooted Arabic culture. It is all about glitz and glamor, which comes with a hefty price. But what if you want to have a low budget trip to Dubai? What if you are a jobless, penniless newbie (me in 2017) in Dubai who is longing to explore this city? Or what if you are running out of money but still wants to have a fruitful weekend? I can feel you fellow humans, and that is why I am here with this blog that guides you to have a Budget Trip To Dubai.

This post is an ultimate guide to explore this enchanting city without having a hole in your pocket.

DISCLAIMER: To give you an extraordinary budget experience, I have included only cheap things to do in Dubai.

Day 1- Budget Trip To Dubai

Dubai Museum

Isn’t it cool to start your trip by going deep into the metamorphosis of the greatest human-made city in the world, Dubai? Yes, it is!!

Budget Trip To Dubai

Envisage the evolution of Dubai at the Dubai museum. Nothing in the United Arab Emirates can explain the growth of this astounding city as the Dubai Museum does. From the history of pearl diving to the ancient construction methods, the museum possesses items that date back to 3000BC.

Budget Trip To Dubai

Located in the oldest building in the city, Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai Museum is a mandatory visit for those who would like to explore the relics of yesteryear.

Entry: 3 AED

Coffee Museum



Attention coffee lovers, this is for yewww!!! Dubai coffee museum is an international hub for caffeine lovers. At least I would like to call it ‘CCI’, Coffee Club International.. lol!

Visitors can hop on to find some coffee antiquity, machines, early artifacts, coffee films, drink’s history, and experience the Emirati culture at this museum. This coffee museum of Dubai will add spirits to the coffee lover in you.


Infuse yourself in the coffee aroma and sample some fantastic range of coffees from the cafe.

The museum is open Saturday to Thursday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Fahidi Street/ Gold Souk/ Spice Souk

I love Fahidi street… I love it… Whenever I miss my country, I take the metro Al Fahidi.

Budget Trip To Dubai

Fahidi street is an intensely Indian whimsical walkway filled with tiny shops. Crowded and colorful shops in the Meena bazar mostly sell Indian clothing, shoes, and jewelry.

Walk around the Fahidi street and explore the spice and gold souk. Buy and stock some, because you won’t get that freshness anywhere else in the middle east region.

Abra Ride

What will you get for one dirham? Mac D icecream, a small bottle of mineral water? Chocolate? You will get an astounding ride at the Dubai abra for one AED.

Budget Trip To Dubai

Abra is a traditional boat which was used during the ancient days as a mode of transportation. Nowadays, abra acts as ‘water taxis’ that runs every few minutes throughout the entire day.

Abra is a touristy thing that gives a deep insight into the culture of Emirates. If you are done walking and shopping around the Meena Bazar, relax and unwind in the creek abra.

Entry: 1 AED

Dubai Mall

After lunch, you can proceed to the Dubai Mall, the world’s largest and most-visited retail and entertainment destination. Shopaholics will adore this mall for sure. However, it is not a place for budget travelers as this shopping paradise features only expensive brands in the world.

From the aquarium to the original dinosaur fossil Dubai mall has plenty of things to see and do.

Free Things To See In Dubai Mall- Budget Trip To Dubai

Fashion Avenue

Dubai Dino Display: 155 Million Year Old Dinosaur

Dubai mall owns a huge dinosaur fossil which is open to the public for free. Yes, you heard me, right? This fossil is so huge that you will start picturizing yourself in the dinosaur era. How about enduring that eerie Jurassic park feeling?

Burj Khalifa

Budget Trip To Dubai

Marveling the world’s tallest building outside won’t cost you anything. Read more info about Burj Khalifa here.

Dubai Aquarium

VR Park – Virtual Reality Indoor Theme Park

Dubai Water Fountain

Located at the center of the Downtown Dubai development, the Dubai Fountain is the world’s largest choreographed water fountain system. Staged in front of the mighty Burj Khalifah, this magnanimous show will definitely make you go awestruck.

The powerful jets of Dubai water fountain shoots water up to the height of 150 meters, which has over 6000 powerful lights and 50 color projectors. Daily performances are held at every half an hour from 6 pm to 11 pm.

That marks the end of Day 1!

Day 2- Budget Trip To Dubai

Alserkal Avenue

Alserkal Avenue is an edgy art district in Dubai which conducts international art exhibitions, and workshops. The place itself is very creative that gives free access to the public. At times, this Alserkal avenue hosts street arts and food fair. All you need to do is check their website regularly for the events.

Marina Mall- Budget Trip To Dubai

Dubai Marina Mall is a premium shopping and lifestyle destination for residents as well as the tourists. The mall’s backside is a buzzing harbor area with food trucks and restaurants. The mesmerizing skyline with the backdrop of Marina waterfront is an amazing scene to behold. You can linger around these regions, take a yacht ride or eat from the exquisite eateries.

Burj Al Arab

Ok wait, this 7-star hotel won’t come under the section the “budget trip to Dubai.” But marveling this white sail-like structure from outside doesn’t cost you anything.
Burj Al Arab is the epitome of luxury that opened its door in late 1999. It is built on a rectangular shaped human-made island, and it rises 321 meters above the sea, giving a scenic view to the Arabian waters.

La Mer- Budget Trip To Dubai

The coastal area of Dubai holds some fantastic beaches which are open to the public with free changing rooms. One such laid back beach destination in Dubai is La Mer.

The walkways of the beach areas are filled with eateries and shops where you can hop on like absurd tourist.

Day 3- Budget Trip To Dubai

Let’s begin the last day with

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary- A tiny jungle with the backdrop of a concrete jungle

Why spend money on zoo if you can see the animals open and free? Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary is a wetland reserve that serves as a breeding ground and home for crustaceans, mammals, and fish. Apart from the flamingoes, you will spot grey herons, great egrets, reef herons, cormorants, black-winged stilts, sandpipers, osprey, and more. Have a closer look at these animals at the three viewing spots placed around the sanctuary.

Last Exit

Straight out of 1950s America, the last exit is the ultimate Instagram worthy place in Dubai. The spot is filled with food trucks and creative decors made out of the recycled products. You can’t stop clicking the pictures and hey, don’t forget to check their toilets. I am not spoiling the surprise about the bathrooms here!!

The last exit is definitely going to be an out of the world experience for you.

Al Qudra Lake

For a person hailing from the land of lakes and scenic water bodies, this Al Qudra is not a big deal. But serene oasis in the middle of the desert will make a perfect break from the city hassles.

IMAGINE Show- Budget Trip To Dubai

Spectacular, incredible, mindblowing- no words to express the IMAGINE show put on by the festival city mall. It is a phenomenal water fountain show blasted with imagery, giving a surreal experience to the viewers. For your kind information, this show has gained two Guinness world records. I am not going to spoil further by writing in detail about it. Watch it by yourself!!!

Entry: Free

Few Tips On Having A Budget Trip To Dubai

  • Do not book tour packages; try to explore places on your own.
  • Use public transportation like metro and bus
  • Eat at local restaurants, not expensive spots.
  • Avoid pricey eateries
  • Try to find accommodation in a mid-range hotel or Air Bnb
  • Avoid malls to buy gifts and souvenirs. Try purchasing it from souks and Fahidi region
  • Control your shopping tendency because it is expensive to buy things from Dubai.
  • Avoid visiting Dubai during summers since the climate will be horrible.


Currency: Dirhams

Dressing: You can wear anything you want, but make sure you wear respectable clothes in religious places. Wear light garments during summer because it is extremely hot.

Drink bottled water

Where to stay in Dubai?
There are plenty of hotels and air bnbs to choose from. You can book one according to your budget

What to eat in Dubai?
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Dubai is one of the few cities in the world that must be seen to be believed. Plan your next budget trip to Dubai with this guide.