Best Cafe In Pondicherry

10 Best Cafes In Pondicherry

How many of you love to spend your time in cafés, sipping a hot cup of coffee and watching the world pass by? I am sure, many do. So do I, which is why I have explored almost all the cafes in Pondicherry. Well, I can’t stop myself from sharing my favourites, so here is my list of Best Cafe In Pondicherry where you can sit back and sip the aromatic coffees with some top-notch tidbits. 

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Here is the list of Best Cafes In Pondicherry

  1. Coromandel Café
  2. Aura Café 
  3. KBS Kofi Bar
  4. Bread And Chocolate
  5. Auroville Café And Bakery
  6. Marc’s Café
  7. Baker Street Café
  8. Café des Arts 
  9. Le Café 
  10. Earth Café

#1. Coromandel Café

The café where you can’t ask for more because it is all you need to make your day perfect! 

Owned by Kiran Rao, Coromandel Café is a perfect spot to lay your hands on authentic French, Italian and British cuisines. She started her journey a few years back with ‘Amethyst café’ in Chennai. Later she expanded her love for cafes, and here she is with the most successful and people’s favourite café in Pondicherry proudly known as Coromandel Cafe. The café carries a charm which you will never want to miss.

They have all range of coffees and cuisines; however, don’t forget to try their cheesecakes. Scrumptious vegan and gluten-free items are also available. The French streets and Coromandel café is a perfect blend for your beautiful evening! 

Average cost: 900 – 1200 INR for two. (yes! It is quite costly but worth it) 

#2. Aura Café 

The sea-breeze with the filter coffee and some freshly baked cookies! Who doesn’t want to experience this bliss? 

Café aura is a beach facing eatery that serves the best coffee in Pondicherry. The aroma of fresh coffee beans will drive you inside the café when you linger around the beach. They also serve freshly baked cakes, cookies, and brownies. Moreover, they are the best gelato makers in town. 

Average cost: 500 – 700 INR for two.

#3. KBS Kofi Bar (Best Cafes In Pondicherry for Coffee)

Unlike other cafés, KBS Kofi bar is the place where you get to delight your taste buds with the local essence of Pondicherry. Don’t expect a café experience but if you want to grab your cup of coffee, standing in a queue then, KBS Kofi Bar is the right choice for you. This is one shop where you can always afford to stop for a coffee or badam milk while walking towards the Rock beach.

So, KBS Kofi Bar is a mix of chaos and beauty of Pondicherry served in a cup of coffee! 

Average cost: 30 – 100 INR for two.

#4. Bread And Chocolate

Here is a highly recommended café for a wholesome experience! 

The café cum bakery, Bread and Chocolate serves you the best bread and chocolates in Pondicherry just like the name implies! The cafe is on the way to Auroville, hence a little away from the main city (and all kinds of noise). People often visit this cafe to try their tarts and coffees. Their breakfast platter is highly recommended. 

Average cost: 500 – 800 INR for two. 

ALSO, closed on all Mondays.  

#5. Auroville Café And Bakery

A simple yet elegant café to spend your time after the tiring visit to Auroville (Yes! You will have to walk a lot around Auroville to explore its beauty!). At the end of the day, all you need is to sit at peace and enjoy! 

So, here is to the French café with some fantastic food and coffee to enjoy your evening! 

Average cost: 200 – 500 INR for two. 

#6. Marc’s Café

Photographers, looking for any cinematic frames of ‘cafés’ – this is your place! 

On your way back from Auroville to the city, you would be tempted to stop at this beautiful cafe. The spectacular decor and the freshly grounded coffee beans (grown in Auroville farms), with its aroma, is what makes this cafe an outstanding place. They also offer cakes and cookies, but the coffee stands out peeps! It is a must-try!

Cheers to the best quality coffee of Pondicherry! 

Average cost: 500 – 800 INR for two.

#7. Baker Street Café

The most famous café in Pondicherry. More than a café, its ambience gives us the vibe of a bakery and more than their coffees, it is the croissants and muffins that are highly recommended. I can personally suggest their savoury croissants which is just WOW! 

Ready to give yourself the experience of the best and original French cuisine? Well, Bon Appétit!! 

Average cost: 400 – 700 INR for two. 

#8. Café des Arts (Best Cafes In Pondicherry for Instagrammers )

This is my favourite café to spend time, reading a book and having a cup of hot coffee( if at all I had enough money!). The décor is commendable. The coffees and the juices are their two specialities. 

You will only know what I am speaking when you step inside the café!

For arts and coffee, here you go – Café des arts! 

Average cost: 500 – 800 INR for two.

ALSO, closed on all Tuesdays.

#9. Le Café 

Le café is located just near the Rock beach, and hence the view is mind-blowing. The filter coffee and sandwiches are worth trying. 

Le café is one of the oldest cafés we have in Pondicherry. So many years yet perfect in their service! 

Average cost: 450 – 600 INR for two.

10. Earth Café – Best Cafes In Pondicherry

Earth café is a part of the most popular boutique hotel, Palais de Mahe, located in the white town very near to the beach. The café that is set up in a limited space is winning hearts with their welcoming service and phenomenal coffee! It is not a famous one, but you can definitely give it a try! 

Average cost: 150 – 500 INR for two. 

SO, these are my list of Best Cafe In Pondicherry which (I know) must be very different from the usual list of the famous cafés you see on the web. However, the names mentioned above are worth giving a try from my own experience. Also, I have lived my whole life here; hence my recommendations won’t be that bad. Do try these places and let me know. 


Best Cafes In Pondicherry

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