Armenia From Dubai

An Ultimate Tour Guide To Armenia From Dubai- 3 Days Itinerary

Well… glad that you are here to read this blog. Who lured you here? Which travel agency? Of course, I know how desperately these tour operators are boosting Armenia tour packages from Dubai. I am also someone who fell into the trap of them and visited Armenia. But, let me tell you guys, it is worth it!!! So, here you go, my Tour Guide To Armenia From Dubai- a glimpse of what I did in 3 days during my Armenian trip.

Day 1

Tour Guide To Armenia From Dubai

Started my journey in Fly Dubai to Armenia with my friend early morning. I was feeling elated, and we both were jumping with high spirits. But I won’t recommend Armenia for a girls trip. If you have a good budget, you can try other party capitals in the world, but our sole intention was to take a break from the routine family life. So Armenia did work for us.
After check-in and food, we went to explore the enchanting Yerevan city.

Republic Square

Republic square, Armenia

We were walking like crazy by singing songs and doing slight dance steps. It is better to take a walking tour around Yerevan as it lets you get immersed in the Yerevan culture, history and food. We wandered the streets of Armenia until our feet started getting hurt.

Yerevan city

Take a stroll around the republic square and marvel the rustic beauty of Armenia. It is a stupefying roundabout with astounding buildings and lively crowd.

History museum

Armenia has a rich and gruesome history which is very well portrayed in the history museum. If you are a person who would love to learn the vast history of Armenia, head to the museum which has a collection of over 400,000 objects. It has Ethnography, Archaeology, Numismatics, and Modern History departments.
Guess my friend enjoyed it more than me, especially all those artifacts.

Go for a street shopping

Oh, we girls love shopping. Don’t we? And we did justice to the money given by our husbands. Stroll around the streets and indulge yourself in the Armenian culture, grab whatever you find attractive.
Bingo!!! Carrying our purse at the end was easy peasy!!

Mezzo jazz club

When the feet started getting hurt, and the clock struck 10, we decided to sit somewhere. And abruptly we heard a piece of lovely music from a distance. “Is that a pub?” Our eyes were twinkling like gold. Following the music, we ended up in a jazz club which took us to all those Hollywood movies.

Champagne and jazz music. What a night?


Hagarstin (Day 2)

The next day started with a delicious breakfast with some traditional Armenian cuisines from the hotel. And then our voyage to the inner side of Armenia commenced.

Tour Guide To Armenia From Dubai

Guess what? We crashed a wedding at Haghartsin monastery and took a picture with the newlywed (we have done that before during college days). The ancient monastery witnessed the union of two souls and it was just a fantastic feeling for us(wedding crashing and being all crazy).

Haghartsin monastery is a hidden gem in the woods of Armenian forests.

Lunch with an Armenian family

Tour plan to Armenia from Dubai

This was the highlight of my Tour Guide To Armenia From Dubai. The tour guide took us to her home and served us yummy Armenian cuisines. To our surprise, Indian soap operas were very popular there, and our visit was the most anticipated one by her family(they were excited to see Indians). And the kids were dancing… How cute is that?

They have cooked food for us, and they took us to their tiny farm which produces vegetables for the whole family(organic lunch after so long).
We had a great time exchanging cultures and etiquettes. And I admire the hospitality of Armenians(treating strangers like family).


Tour Guide To Armenia From Dubai

Sevnavank monastery is located in the backdrop of Lake Sevan. Lake Sevan is the largest water body in Armenia and the Caucasus region.

Armenian tour package

I can spend hours gazing at the sparkling turquoise blue waters of Lake Sevan. The lake can dissolve all your stress- some therapeutic effect may be. Not hyping- my friend also felt the same!! (Tour Guide To Armenia From Dubai)

Day 3

Khor Virap

Tour Guide To Armenia From Dubai

The beautiful Khor Virap monastery has a backdrop of Mount Ararat. There is an underground prison inside the monastery which kept Gregory the Illuminator for 13 years, who later became St. Gregory revered for converting Armenia to Christianity. We took a tour inside the prison, which is very steep and was trying hard to pull us up back. My mind was saying “you can do it, you can do it” while I was climbing up.

Armenia Travel Blog

The view from the church was awe inspiring.

Areni Winery

Armenia Travel Blog

How can you miss a winery in the land of wines? Armenia is the oldest wine producing region in the world. And it is mandatory to add a winery on your Tour Guide To Armenia From Dubai.

My tipsy friend was very much excited to visit the winery(me too). We take wine for granted(errr… I mean ditching wine for vodka) but look at how they are made. A lot of work guys!

Armenia Travel Blog

We had a wine tasting session with some cheese and lavash.

Tatev Monastery

Tatev Monastery

The Armenian sightseeing ended up with Tatev monastery. We have to take a cable car to reach the monastery. The wings of Tatev hold the record for the world’s longest nonstop reversible cable car.

Wings of Tatev

The cable car ride up and down is breathtaking with the mesmerizing view of the mountain region.

Tour Guide To Armenia From Dubai

And the monastery was astounding which gives an eerie feeling of the 18th century. In fact, I imagined myself in all those old clothes, and I felt soooo pretty!!!

Day 4

Back to Dubai and the routine hectic work life

So that was my Tour Guide To Armenia From Dubai. I almost covered all the main attractions of Armenia in 3 days with my friend. It was a purrrfect break- we fought, we laughed, and we enjoyed in Armenia. I took back a lot of memories to add fuel to move forward with our daily routines. Until my next girls “only” trip



Currency: Armenian Dram

Dressing: Be respectful while visiting monasteries

There are drinking water fountains installed everywhere in the country and it is safe to drink from them.

Visa on arrival for UAE residents.

Where to stay in Armenia?
We stayed at the Ani Plaza hotel which is located in the city center. Almost all the places are easily accessible from here.

What to eat in Armenia?
Lavash is a mandatory try. You can also try khachapuri and chakabuli along with other traditional cuisines when you are in Armenia. (Tour Guide To Armenia From Dubai)

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