Jalesh Cruise

An Epic Journey In Jalesh Cruise

Trying a whole new travel style aka cruising was not on my bucket list until I saw an online flyer of Jalesh Cruises. The haunted cruises stories, the visuals of titanic sinking on the subconscious mind, crazy ocean currents and the rumors of seasickness made me stay away from this majestic mode of transportation (Blame that loathsome soul inside me).
However, the last-minute budget travel plan for Eid Holidays ended up in the Karnika by Jalesh Cruise. Thanks to the online flyer showing cheap rates of India’s first premium cruise liner.

The ship took us through Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Bahrain. But, first of all, the cruise itself is a destination to explore. It took more than one hour for us to traverse half of the ship that only includes the public areas. The public area stretch over 14 floors that comprise around ten restaurants, spa area, swimming pool, casino, theatre, and bars. As you walk inside the ship, you will actually forget that you are inside a gigantic moving cruise. You will hardly find the ship moving, maybe because of the route we took. So, no chances of seasickness!

Inside the Ship

There is a lot of prejudices prevailing around the cruises- that it is only for oldies and honeymooners. We both don’t belong to any of this category, and we hardly felt bored.

There is everything for everyone.

From continental to Indian, you will get to eat all types of cuisines inside the ship. You can play in the pool or laze around with a book. You can drink in a pub or party hard like a king. There are plenty of activities and events happening on the board- you can choose the one that suits your taste.

Dubai Cruises
Entertainment on board!

It was a first-hand experience for my husband and me, so we were curious travelers who wanted to make the most of it.

Jalesh Cruise

Overall, my experience with Jalesh cruise was just WOWWWWW.

Check out the snippets of my journey in Jalesh Cruise. Have fun watching!