A Winter Hike in Söderåsen National Park, Sweden

Pure excitement- That is how I would like to describe my feeling when I got the paper to sign up for the Lund University orientation program. A good kickstart isn’t a bad idea before the commencement of university life, right? I was running my fingers through the paper, and suddenly it stopped with the Söderåsen national park hike. It explicitly mentioned that you don’t need any previous hiking experience and then I thought why not? After all, I am a brave girl who hiked 18 kilometers in Kodaikanal. But hiking in the snow was pretty different than I thought it would be! Here are the highlights of my Winter Hike in Söderåsen National Park

Curse my boots

A Winter Hike in Söderåsen National Park, Sweden

Have you seen someone wearing debonair boots for hiking? If not, then look at me. I am that dumb!! Apparently, I have a few statements to justify my mistake of wearing the chic boot for hiking.
First of all, I was brand-new in Sweden, away from home solely for the first time. Secondly, I didn’t presume it to be snowy. Third, I don’t have experience in the snow hiking (apart from a couple of hours in the snow during my north Indian trip, I had no clue about how it is going to be).

 Söderåsen National Park

If you think that I am the only person who came like this, you are wrong. There were many hikers especially Asians with poor hiking accessories like me.
With those boots, I wasn’t able to walk properly. Literally, my legs were plunging inside the snow. And I was slipping and falling back to back (I wonder how small babies stay without frustration during their walking stage).

My butt touched the ground with a huge force for a couple of times during hiking (in fact I was afraid to put my next step.. what if I fall again?). Then came my guardian angel who guided me till the end of hiking. He blamed my shoes initially and then showed routes that are less slippery.
I managed to finish it with the help of a guy who is an expert hiker (For a moment, I even saw a halo above his head, my guardian angel!! Just kidding..!!)

In short, it was a fantastic experience, and I don’t want you to miss it if you are in Lund. But buy good shoes.

Health matters

Söderåsen National Park

Even though the orientation page explains that you don’t need any previous hiking experience, you need minimum health to climb up the snow mountain. Make sure that you had enough food before the Winter Hike in Söderåsen National Park. Also, keep snacks and bottled water as you have the chance to lose fluids from the body while hiking.
I skipped breakfast and went- so pulling energy was terrible. Once I climbed up the stairs, I started panting. In fact, I thought of quitting. But giving up is easy, and I like tough!

The winter wonderland

Winter Hike in Söderåsen National Park

Sleeping under the Ikea blanket is way better than hiking in snow. But you won’t get to enjoy the enthralling beauty of the national park if you sleep.
The Winter Hike in Söderåsen National Park is a mandatory one for Lund fellas!! Witnessing the breathtaking view of the Swedish landscape was something beyond ravishing.

Capture moments

A Winter Hike in Söderåsen National Park, Sweden

There are a couple of lookouts which gives stunning views of the national park. Maybe you can have a photography session there.

Jesus Christ wish

A Winter Hike in Söderåsen National Park, Sweden

Ever since I heard about Jesus Christ walking on water, I wanted to try it. I even had dreams of me rambling on water. Pfff, forget it.
There was a frozen lake in the national park, and I took a walk on it- one down from my bucket list (walking on water).

A summer Hike in Söderåsen National Park, Sweden

Some of the melted portions of lake paved the way of birds to float.

And I made friends

frozen lake in Söderåsen National Park, Sweden

This was not only a great experience but also an excellent opportunity to make new friends. I made a lot of friends and exchanged knowledge, culture, and food during this hiking. And I keep in touch with some of them!
I am not an expert hiker, but this was my Winter Hike in Söderåsen National Park. Hope you can distinguish the Do’s and Dont’s from this. If you have any queries comment below

Happy hiking!!

Bus Nr. 518 stops at both entrances


  • Hiking boots
  • Winter jacket
  • Water
  • Food