Countries To Visit After Lockdown

10 Countries To Visit After Lockdown

It is when something or someone stops you from doing something, you will have more tendency to do it. Oops, did I confuse you with repetitive words? I actually meant the irresistible tendency to go out during lockdown. Anyway, my wanderlust soul is aching after the lockdown as I have cancelled two trips because of COVID. I can’t wait for this unfortunate time to get over so that I can pull up my debonair boots to travel. However, the million-dollar question is “when is this going to end?” At the moment we can’t predict. It depends is the answer. However, you don’t need the permission of the virus to make travel plans, right? I started planning my post lockdown journeys! Here are the 10 Countries I wish To Visit After Lockdown

Rovaniemi, Finland

I have been waiting from my childhood to visit the Santa village in Finland and experience the snowy Christmas. Now, I feel, why did I wait all these years to make a trip to Finland? So no more waiting, I am going right away! (only if I have money… lol)

Things to do: Santa Claus Village, Igloo staycation, hunting aurora lights, visiting ice hotel. 


I just want to catch a cruise and go all the way down to Antarctica to have a surreal experience. Do you want to know what I meant with surreal? Watch the video below. 

Things to do: sleep on ice beds, catch the penguins, whale watching.


Iceland is an awe-inspiring land of gigantic waterfalls, blue lagoon, volcanoes and geysers. Apparently, a friend of mine who visited this place told me “it is an out of the world experience.”

Things to do: Blue lagoons, Geysir, Thingvellir National Park, Skógafoss


Right from Serena Williams to Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, almost all the celebrities had their honeymoon in the Maldives for all the right reasons in the world. The Maldives is a scenic island with white powdery sand beaches, turquoise blue water, and pristine underwater world. The island will sweep you with unrivalled luxury hospitality gifting you a holiday for a lifetime. 

Things to do: scuba diving, snorkelling, dolphin watching, sunbathing, watching phytoplanktons. 

Palawan, Philippines 

Palawan is a beguiling place in Philipines that definitely gifts you a reality escape. The beaches coupled with mountains are breathtakingly beautiful in pictures and videos, so I would definitely like to visit this country and enjoy the beauty with my own eyes.

Things to do- boating, snorkelling, scuba diving and other beach activities. 

Japan- Cheery Blossoms

Japan is an eclectic and vibrant country where the traditions are fused with modern life. Thinking about exploring the country’s traditional culture, scrumptious food and cherry blossom festivals gives me euphoria. 

Things to do: cherry blossoms festival, Buddhist temples, Mt Fuji

Spain (Countries To Visit After Lockdown)

Spain is a diverse country with a rich culture, delicious food and ancient ruins that are worth visiting after the lockdown. The country’s exuberant crowd and breadth of gastronomic experience is what I am looking for

Things to do: nightlife, beach resorts, art club, and more.

Norway (Countries To Visit After Lockdown)

Known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Norway is a splendid Scandinavian country with natural fortresses and rocky coastal islands. The scenic beauty of the country is what attracts me.

Things to do: mountain road drives, museum, cathedrals, historical sites etc. 


The ravishing landscapes, alps, chocolates, mountains, alpine traditions are pulling me to Switzerland. I will be more than happy if they offer me citizenship.

Things to do: Lakes, rivers, alpine cities, swiss alps, rhine falls, castles

New York, USA

The bustling capital of the world will take time to heal from the COVID attack; once it does, I would definitely love to see the famous streets of NYC.

Things to do: times square, Statue of Liberty, central park and empire state building 

Let me know which country are you going to visit as soon as the lockdown ends. Also, check out my travel blogs, I am sure you will love it!