Arthana Binu

“I am a director’s actor”-Arthana Binu

Arthana Binu made her debut in Telugu film industry back in 2016 in the film Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sitralu along with Raj Tharun. Her unconventional grace and bubbliness are widely appreciated in the film industry. Arthana Binu was recently seen in the Mammotty starer Shylock, and her role in Kadaikutty Singham was applauded by the critiques and the actor Karthi himself. Presenting the excerpts from a candid chat with this beautiful diva where she talks about films, gossips and more.

You were pursuing studies in Journalism before films happened to you. What drew you towards this profession?

I started acting in films during the second year of my bachelors. But from the time of my 12th grade itself, I took different television anchoring and modelling ventures. I had this inclination towards acting from my childhood itself, so I kept on working towards my goal and even pursuing Bachelors in Journalism, mass communication and video production is a part of it as the main factor which attracted me towards the course was just the mass communication and video production part as I perceived that it would be helpful in my film career. Moreover, I didn’t want to lose the opportunity of studying in a reputed college like Mar Ivanios, which gave me great exposure to brush up my extracurricular talents. 

How hard is it to land on a career in the film industry?

It’s very much subjective. While some people get it with luck, others have to pave their own way through hard work. For me, it was definitely not a cakewalk. As I mentioned, before landing in my debut project, I had to do multiple television anchoring programmes for various channels like Asianet, Asianet plus, Kaumudy Tv and Flowers TV and I have even appeared on various television and print commercials. In fact, in the very first television commercial, I got to act I was just one among many who stand beside Prithviraj in Kalyan silks ad. But I am very much thankful that nothing happened overnight, and my experiences always prepared me to accept failures and success equally. But the fun fact is that nothing of the works I had mentioned before had any link in me landing upon my first movie. Actually, a casting director saw my picture in one of my friends’ profile and contacted me via that particular friend. I was asked to give the audition for the Telugu film in Hyderabad, thankfully got selected and acted in my debut film ‘Seethamma Andhalu Ramayya Sitralu’ as the title role of Seetha. 

Arthana Binu

How important is WCC in the Malayalam film industry?

From an outsider’s perspective, only I can talk about this, as just like anyone of you even I have only minimal knowledge about both the bodies from the information seen in media. I think WCC is as crucial as AMMA is.  

We loved your combo with Gokul, and the film “Muthugavu” made us laugh so much. When can we see you together in cinema again?

Glad that our pair was showered immense love by the audience. It’s totally up to the creative team to decide Nah. If I ever come across an interesting script and has good scope for my character, I would love to team up with Gokul again. It’s fun to work with him.

How was your experience working with big names in the industry- Mammoty in Shylock and Karthi in Kadai Kutty Singham?

It was definitely a learning experience. To be frank, I don’t show much differentiation and see actors in my mind as big names and the others. I always make it a point to grasp something or the other from each and every actor I work with. But when I view my career from a third person’s perspective, it is a plus point to have worked with actors like Mammooty Sir and Karthi sir. With Mammootty sir, I didn’t have one on one dialogue interaction in the film, and we only shared minimal screen time. But with Karthi sir, I was lucky enough to get multiple lengthy, emotional one-on-one dialogue and scenes. Watching all these experienced actors acts itself helped me to emote in a better way onscreen.

Karthi himself applauded your acting in Kadaikutty Singham on a candid interview. How do you feel about it?

I absolutely cherish the way Karthi Sir applauded me. In fact, I have edited that very particular portion of the interview where he praises me and saved in my phone. Whenever I feel low about anything related to my career, I just watch it. He is a person who never fails to acknowledge good work. Whenever I performed well in a sequence, he congratulated me, and for someone like me who is still trying to make my mark in the industry, it is an excellent source of inspiration.

Arthana Interview

Directors/Actors, you aspire to work with in the future? Any recent film you watched and wished you were a part of it?

If I start stating, the list can be never-ending. I genuinely believe that I am a director’s actor and working with amazing directors can help not just me but any actor. There is not any actor in particular with whom I wish to act. I just want to be a memorable part of many memorable films with a gripping script. But when you asked about the directors, Sudha Kongara ma’am and Pandiraj sir’s name came to my mind first. I would love to work with Pandiraj sir again even though I have worked with him in Kadaikutty Singam. Not just recent films, I wish I would have been a part of many films. I wish to do a negative shade character someday, other than that- something like what Alia Bhatt played in dear Zindagi, Shobana ma’am played in Minnaram, Genelia in Santhosh Subramaniam, Priety Zinta in Kal ho na ho…… I can list n number of characters which I love. Besides all these, I also wish to do biopics and mythological characters too, as I am curious to explore various genres.

Which actress’s work do you look up to? And why?

It is the character that attracts me more than the actor or the actresses. The performance meter of the performer clearly depends on the boundaries and scope set by the assigned role for them. I look up to each and every actor or actresses as there would be something good in each and everyone which I can grasp and implement to make my acting better. I envy everyone who gets to play versatile characters without getting stereotyped, playing only a particular type of character.

What would you like to convey to the aspiring actors?

I really don’t think of myself in a position where I am experienced to advise others. Still, from the limited knowledge I have, it is essential to be persistent, hardworking and patient and never let success or failure get into your head. It is essential to maintain a balance, as acting is a profession that is transparent enough to let the public know about the progress or fall, unlike most other professions. I personally believe that it is always good to have a plan B also and most importantly, to have the peace of mind don’t ever compare your journey with others.

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