Elixir Hills Munnar: A Glorious Staycation And More…

It’s evening in Elixir Hills. Pulchritudinous staffs zip through the wooden decor packed bright and airy reception area of Elixir Hills Munnar. By the entrance, you will be welcomed with a drink and a warm greeting. Outside, the luxury cars are parked under the flowery shaded zone. The hotel is buzzing with stylish staycation enthusiasts, wanderers and locals, taking up all the luxuries that this fantastic property has to offer.

Located near Letchmi Tea Estate, Munnar, Elixir hills is an excellent resort that boast multi cuisines restaurants and cafes and a gift shop selling artefacts. There is also a scenic swimming pool with the backdrop of lush green nature.

Elixir Hills Munnar

Well Curated Interiors Of Elixir Hills, Munnar

Elixir Hills Munnar

The grand reception area is designed with glamour and grandeur with elegant furniture, natural colours and wooden decor. On a low lit evening, the honeymoon couples can enjoy a candlelight dinner in one of the cosy huts on the pool area.

Elixir Hills Munnar

The bedrooms are elegant and spacious with two bathrooms, one living area, one bedroom and a balcony. Oh, I forgot to mention, the view from the balcony is splendid.

Food is where the heart is…

The restaurant pairs the very best of Kerala cuisines with continental dishes for an impeccable menu that has everything from onion pakoda to grilled chicken salads. The food is also served outdoors, where you can savour your favourite dishes overlooking the scenic dense rain forests of Munnar.

The famed Elixir Hills breakfast is a spectacular spread spanning pancakes, cinnamon buns, fruit juices, ghee roast and what not.

Guests at Elixir Hills are encouraged to explore the outdoors, be it trekking, bird watching, bonfire, nature walk or a dip in the waterfalls. I would like to give an honourable mention for the gaming zone, play area, infinity pool, spa and sauna.


All of these, plus the rainforest views from your room, reception, restaurant, and pool, make Elixir Hills much more than just a resort. What sets this cool 5-star retreat apart from other properties in Munnar is the inimitable charm- that signature warmth instilled by the best staffs of Elixir Hills.

The Elixir Hills is surprisingly accessible from the centre with excellent roads. The only problem I felt here is that you will never feel like leaving… lol!

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