Easy Milkshake Recipes

Easy Milkshake Recipes From Dubai Home Chefs

There is nothing better than a sweet and luscious milkshake on a crazy sunny day. What I love about this American invention is that they are effortless to make. Here, I have collaborated with the Malayali home chefs in Dubai…

best biryani in dubai

10 Spots For Best Biryani In Dubai

Do you know which is the most asked question on my Instagram? The Best Biryani In Dubai.  That proves the fact that Dubai loves this South Asian culinary delight called Biriyani, and luckily, the city is filled with plenty of…

Boost Your Immunity

Tips To Boost Your Immunity From Health Experts

We never really bother about boosting our immune system until or unless we are exposed to a life-threatening pandemic, don’t we? At least I am grin. I have been googling and researching a lot about building a strong immune system…


12 Interesting Facts About Theyyam

“It was during the incipience of dawn. The sky was super dark, and the crowd gathered to see the mystic and the fiery God. The drummers then began to beat in a rhythm that ambushed the spiritual side of me….

Things You Can Buy For One Dirham

45 Things You Can Buy For One Dirham

Dubai is a captivating city with year-round sunshine, brown-hued deserts, happening beaches, extravagant hotels, bustling shopping malls and spectacular skyscrapers. This glitz and glam come with a hefty price. Indeed, the marvellous city of Dubai is having a bad reputation…

Online Grocery Stores In UAE

Top Online Grocery Shopping in UAE 2022

There is no excuse for not staying at home during this pandemic season. If grocery shopping is your excuse to go out, then kindly note that there are Online Grocery Shopping in UAE where you can place the order of…