Women-Centric Films In Bollywood

Best Women-Centric Films In Bollywood

I hail from a country where women were portrayed as an object of desire in the mainstream film industry. Yes, I am talking about Bollywood. A lot has been changed after the strong feminine voices pointed out the misogyny and toxic masculinity in the so-called GREAT industry “Bollywood.” The good news is this massive business is touching a lot of sensitive issues right now, which are considered as a stigma in society. And here I am recommending you those Best Women-Centric Films In Bollywood that broke all the patriarchal and societal norms in the Indian scenario (in case you just had a bad day battling the gender issues).

Here is the list of best Women-Centric Films In Bollywood

  • Queen
  • English Vinglish
  • Kahani
  • Neerja
  • Mary Kom
  • Pink
  • Mom


When Rani was forced to break up with her long time love on the day before her wedding, she took a solo trip to Europe which was supposed to be a romantic honeymoon. 

The whole movie is a visual treat that makes us happy within. The way Rani evolves from an insecure female to strong free-spirited woman is empowering and hilarious to watch. It is one of those films that celebrated womanhood so so much where the conventional gender norms are broken on the big screen. When most of the Indian film portrays the love between two individual, this movie showed us, self-love. And the best part is when Rani walks away from Vijay, and the music plays “kinaareee kinareee.” 

Women-Centric Films In Bollywood

Girls, we don’t need any man, but ourselves to make us happy! The movie showed us how female friendships (Rani and Vijay Lekshmi )are stronger and how women can lift each other. 


Sashi is a sweet homemaker who has always been taunted by kids and husband for her inability to speak English. This movie is all about Sashi’s transformation from a vernacular female to an English speaking mother.

You know this woman! She is that aunty you will find in your family gatherings who did schoolings from vernacular medium and got married of early — that aunty who is ridiculed by her husband and kids for being ignorant. Sreedevi has portrayed the character very well, and I am missing her on the screen while writing this. Her innocence, her bond with her friends and niece, her life in Manhattan is super empowering to watch again and again. 

It takes a lot of courage to break the stereotypes without compromising the values and learn new things when you are an overaged woman (according to society). If you dream of something, get it and always remember age is just a number. 


Vidya Bagchi, an American pregnant software engineer lands in India in search of her missing husband and at the end takes revenge on her husband’s murderers. 

Kahani was a film that broke all the stigmas associated with the women’s role in Bollywood. The movie’s hero(ine) is Vidya Balan who gracefully takes revenge with logic stunts and critical reasoning. The thrillers are all about climax and Kahani’s climax will keep you on edge giving goosebumps.

You don’t need a male counterpart to take your challenging journey. You are more than enough for you. After all, courage matters!


Neeraja is the biopic of Neeraja Bhanot, an air hostess who lost her life battling the terrorist on a hijacked plane. The movie recreates the last day of this 23-year-old Neeraja who took charge when pilots abandoned the flight and lost her life while saving three children.

This movie will make you mourn for the loss of Neeraja as much as her family does. It is so touching to watch her mother whining over the child who left home sound and happy and came back in the coffin. Both Sonam Kapoor and Shaban Azmi did their best in this film. 

The name Neeraja Bhanot itself is empowering.

MARY KOM (Women-Centric Movies In Bollywood)

Another biopic of Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom, an Indian Olympic boxer who crossed her obstacle-filled journey to become the top boxer of the country. 

Mary Kom proved that motherhood does not impede the success of a women’s career. Yes, we are unstoppable.

PINK (Women-Centric Films In Bollywood)

Three girls in a legal battle against influential boys who molested them in a night party. 

Minal, Falak and Andrea, three middle-class normal working girls whose life turned to a living nightmare after they objected a sexual act is subjected to chasten. Amitabh Bachchan acts as the lawyer who fights for the girls in this legal battle. The film takes a dramatic turn when the lawyer starts asking about the virginity and drinking habits of the three girls pointing out the double standards of the society we live in. The movie teaches about consent in a relationship. Even if the women is a sex-worker, wife or slave, NO means NO.

Our consent is effing important, no matter what we are or who we are.

MOM (Women-Centric Films In Bollywood)

A story of a mother who takes revenge on her daughter’s rape when justice is denied.

The movie legit puts light on the present scenario of the country where the influential ones get justice while the others not. The transformation journey of a simple mother to a clever woman to avenge death is empowering to watch on the silver screen. 

As Kangana Ranaut said in an interview, “try to snatch a child from her mother, you will see what real empowerment is.” 

The change in narrative styles is bringing a number of strong women-oriented films that legit teaches the principles of feminism. Films like these will help women understand the idea of feminism better and sound. In fact, the silver screen did shape my concept of feminism.

Comment below the best Women-Centric Movies In Bollywood you watched and also if you want more blogs like this.