Online Grocery Stores In UAE

Top Online Grocery Shopping in UAE 2022

There is no excuse for not staying at home during this pandemic season. If grocery shopping is your excuse to go out, then kindly note that there are Online Grocery Shopping in UAE where you can place the order of the grocery items you want at your comfort lying on the sofa. The delivery will be safe and prompt, adhering to strict health and safety protocol.

The demand for online grocery items has seen a significant increase during this lockdown. Of course, there are plenty of big names on the list; however, you might find them busy because of the heap of orders they are getting on a daily basis. So, if your regular grocery website is busy at the moment, then you have other plenty of options in the UAE.

Here is a list of Top Online Grocery Shopping in UAE.

  1. Valu Cart
  2. mir. delivery
  3. SWAN
  4. Emirates Co-op
  5. Sharjah Co-op Society
  6. Dukkaani
  7. Trolley – Online Grocery Shopping in Dubai
  8. Instashop
  9. Bawiq
  10. Soopamarket
  11. Talabat
  12. El Grocer
  13. Lulu Hypermarkets
  14. West Zone
  15. Aswaaqonline
  16. Supermart
  17. Amazon
  18. noon
  19. Carrefour
  20. Union Coop
  21. Thai Ratchada

For Thai fresh fruits and halal products.

The online grocery shops ensure that deliveries are handled without compromising the hygiene factor. So don’t worry about the safety of the products delivered.

Also, on a serious note!

If you think that this is just another silly flu hyped by media, then you are wrong (I know people who told me that). This is a real pandemic declared by WHO that needs strict isolation to stop spreading! Do follow instructions by the government and the WHO.

When the government officials are desperately trying hard to control the spread of the deadly coronavirus, it is the people who are being reckless, exposing their health as well as their dear ones in danger. However, it is best if you avoid going out during this time. Starting from washing hands to wearing gloves, proper precautions and measure should be taken care of during this season. Take care, everyone!