Tips for Keeping Your Home Healthy

How to Clean in Dubai: Tips for Keeping Your Home Healthy

As you know, cleanliness in a room guarantees a healthy and comfortable atmosphere. Regular cleaning, of course, yields results.

Undoubtedly, this is a rather long and laborious process because dusting of all nooks and crannies in a room itself can take half a day. You still need to put all your things back in order in all the lockers, wash all surfaces and thoroughly disinfect.

That is why general house cleaning of the house is not carried out quickly. But if you organize everything correctly and adequately prepare, then you can do it in 1 day!

How to do regular cleaning for your house in Dubai?

First of all, it is worth preparing everything you need. A few days before the scheduled work, it is worth preparing all the cleaning liquid, tools, a pair of gloves, and a respiratory mask, because you will have to work with chemicals.

After that, you can get down to business. Usually, general cleaning of a private house begins with the most distant room. Next, you need to move clockwise towards the front door.

The main stages of home cleaning are as follows:

  • Garbage collection and removal.
  • Folding things (including the selection of things for washing).
  • Washing of curtains
  • Dust removal on furniture, decor items, as well as cornices, household appliances, radiators, doors, sockets, niches, switches.
  • Washing lighting fixtures.
  • Washing windows and window sills.
  • Wet cleaning of the floor along with the baseboards.
  • Disinfect and wash the sink and kitchen equipment, furniture, and kitchen utensils.
  • Clean and wash toilet tiles, plumbing fixtures, pipes, ganders, etc.

How often is house cleaning done?

Experts recommend doing regular cleaning by hiring a cleaning company in dubai once a week to keep the house clean, remove dust, remove cobwebs, rearrange things like shoes etc. This will help to minimize the time for complex cleaning.

The very same general cleaning of a big house should be done at least once in every six months. But the most optimal option is once a quarter.

This is to eliminate accumulated dust, debris, and accumulations of saprophytes and refresh the house before each change of season.

Besides, in places with a high level of pollution, such cleaning may be necessary more often: once in every 1-2 months. This is due to the high content of harmful and toxic substances in the atmosphere, which, together with dust, become unhealthy.

How to carry out general cleaning of the house quickly?

It will not be possible to cope quickly without preliminary preparation. Therefore, if there is no time for preparation, but it is urgent to put the house in order, then qualified house cleaning in Dubai will help out (the service is carried out within one day).

The following activities will help speed up the cleaning process:

  • Define a day in advance with a drawn up work plan
  • Involve family members in cleaning with the distribution of all responsibilities.
  • Preliminary purchase of everything you need to clean up.
  • Take away everything for the day that can distract you from work (TV, phones, etc.).
  • Also, the cleaning speed largely depends on the experience and the person himself (remember that some are faster at coping with the task, while others are slower).

How to get rid of the smell on upholstered furniture at home?

You can clean upholstered furniture from the smell by the following means:

  1. Vinegar: Acetic acid has excellent odor control properties. You need to take 6 percent vinegar and dilute it with water in a ratio of 1 to 3. You need to spray it over the entire surface and leave it to dry completely. If  you did not get the desired effect on the first time, then the procedure can be repeated.
  2. Soda: Sodium bicarbonate is often used to neutralize odors. You need to mix baking soda with water to a grueling state and clean the entire sofa.
  3. Coffee: Coffee beans are a powerful flavoring agent. It will help to to get rid of powerful aromas of fish.
  4. Ammonium alcohol: Pet owners often use it. Ammonia perfectly removes urine odors. The sofa will smell much nicer this way.

Guest Post by Arun 

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