Budget Balcony Makeover

Tips For Budget Balcony Makeover In Dubai

I am penning down this Budget Balcony Makeover blog only because of my Instagram family. They were poking me since the day I posted a picture of my apartment balcony on Instagram; asking me to come up with some tips and tricks to spice up the balcony area at a budget rate. I have always loved the concept of the studio apartment. Indeed, the movie “Wake Up Sid” induced the thought process; nevertheless, the cleaning method of studio apartments is simple. Yes, I am a slothful soul! Also, who doesn’t love cute little spaces? 

The huge villas with garden are being replaced with the concrete apartments these days and balconies are the only space that connects you to the outside world. It is the balcony that lets you access some fresh air and in Dubai’s case, allows you to gaze at the world passing by. However, that drab concrete balcony is often the last area to be addressed in any apartment makeover. People consider it as an additional expense but believe me; you don’t need to spend a fortune or employee a draftsperson to brighten up that space. 

My studio apartment has a closed balcony that has a square speck to the open sky. The view from the balcony, especially at night, is beautiful. To create a striking ambiance, I have used-

Plants and Furniture

Keeping different shades of green with base brown is a great idea. If you are adding furniture, make sure you use wooden ones which goes excellent with the green colour palette. I have used a money plant, and two flower-bearing plants (violet and pink) with Ikea wooden furniture to add some colour to my balcony. 

This desert region demands some green as it calms your nerves after a hectic day.

Hack: turn the spice rack upside down and transform it into a hanging rod cum shelf.

Fairy Lights (Budget Balcony Makeover)

Fairy lights are a mood creator. I tried to create a canopy-like pattern with the fairy light on my balcony and believe me guys; it is soothing as hell.

Fairy lights can light up any space so beautifully.

Scented Candles, Fairy Light Jar and Flower Vase

Keep some scented candles, fairy light jar and flower vase on the table to make a perfect setup for a candlelight dinner.

Fill That Empty Wall

As you can see, my balcony’s wall is long and I just did n’t want to keep it plain. Hence I brought spice rack from IKEA for 9 AED and used it as my balcony shelf to keep artificial flowers and hang the plants. You can get a plant ladder with plants to fill that place.

So that is it, guys. You can add more elements according to your creativity. However, I like to keep it simple, and also I am a budget-conscious person. This balcony is my healing space, mood buster, romantic spot, therapy room and much more! 

Product Details For The Budget Balcony Makeover

Real plants from the Sharjah plant nursery for cheap rates.
Ikea table and chair- 185 AED (50.36 USD)
Spice rack- 9 AED (2.45 USD)
Artificial plants- 10 AED each (2.72 USD)
Arabic Lantern- 5 AED (1.36 USD)
Fairy Light- 5 AED (1.36 USD)
Scented Candle- 5 AED (1.36 USD)
Fairy Light Jar- 8 AED (2.18 USD)
Flower Vase and flower- 25 AED (6.81 USD).

Do you guys have any other idea to do a budget balcony makeover in UAE? Please comment below!


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