Things You Can Buy For One Dirham

45 Things You Can Buy For One Dirham

Dubai is a captivating city with year-round sunshine, brown-hued deserts, happening beaches, extravagant hotels, bustling shopping malls and spectacular skyscrapers. This glitz and glam come with a hefty price.
Indeed, the marvellous city of Dubai is having a bad reputation for being super expensive. It is no doubt that the things are pricey here, but this blog is will put a light on Things You Can Buy For One Dirham. Yes, ONE effing DIRHAM!

Dame’s Handbook is on a mission to save your money in Dubai. Take note, fellas!

Boat Ride

You can marvel the beauty of this luxurious city for one dirham in a boat. The cherry on top is the spice and gold souks nearby!

Evening Snacks

A lot of eateries in the UAE serves the evening snacks such as Samosa, banana fritters etc for just 1 AED. Tea time sorted!

Roti- Things You Can Buy For One Dirham

Lazy to cook? Bankrupt? 1 AED roti to the rescue.

Massage Chair

Get yourself pampered in the massage chair on shopping malls for 1 AED.

McDonald’s ice cream

That delicious softy deserves more than one dirham I must say!

Timbit at Tim Hortons

Grab the nine pieces of Timbit (the hole inside the doughnut) for 9 AED from Tim Hortons. You can thank me later!

Bottled Water

The need for staying hydrated in this arid zone is essential, and luckily, the local groceries offer bottled water for one dirham or less.

Coffee and Tea

There are places in Dubai that serve coffee as cheap as 1 AED. Satwa, Karama and Fahidi locale to be precise.

Dates- Things You Can Buy For One Dirham

The land of dates serves choco dates for the same price. Wot!

A Banana

Should I write about the nutrient value of this fruit?

Caramel custard pots

We love caramel, don’t we? Stock it up as much as you can because these yummy pots are just one dirham.

Frozen Fruit Pulp

Mouth water fruit pulp to satiate your sweet cravings.

Croissant- Things You Can Buy For One Dirham

Now, that is what I call “a deal”.


The nestle’s milky bar is creamy and yummy! No doubt!

Wrigley’s Bubblemint

Make some bubbles and pop it out for One Dirham.

Laban Up

This yoghurt drink is an emotion.

Mini Fruit Jelly

Bring back those childhood memories by having a handful of mini fruit jelly.

Oreo- Things You Can Buy For One Dirham

Be it an evening munchy or a vital ingredient in the nifty recipes; Oreo is a merrymaker in all sense.

Oman Chips

One thing I will never say no!

Clothes- Things You Can Buy For One Dirham

A community-driven flea market takes place in Zabeel every month, and residents sell clothes as cheap as one dirham.


The flea markets also sell books for cheap rates.

Candy- Things You Can Buy For One Dirham

That sheer joy of putting 1 AED and twisting the switch to get the candy is priceless.


Just recollected the good old days where my NRI cousins used to stock up the stationery for me. Now I know why!

Toy machines

There are tiny carnival machines installed in different corners of the UAE. You can try your luck with just 1 AED.

Broth Cubes- Things You Can Buy For One Dirham

Who hates 1 AED soup though?

Tissue Packet

A cheap handy addition to your handbag.

Lollypop -Things You Can Buy For One Dirham

Nothing but a piece of happiness on the stick

Face Wipes

Face Wipes are one of the best and easiest economical skincare option available in the market now.

Peanuts- Things You Can Buy For One Dirham

Just a handful of munchies that makes your heart full for 1 AED.

Banana leaf

Indians, especially Keralites, can do 100 different things with banana leaf.

Choki Choki

Spread it on bread, use it on crackers or simply squeeze out the paste with your teeth.

Weight and height checking

Get your vitals checked on the local pharmacy for one dirham.

A satsuma

A satsuma a day keeps cancer away!

Gift Wrap- Things You Can Buy For One Dirham

For all your surprise elements

Carton Sheet paper

Get crafty and bring out your skills for just 1 AED.

Biscuits- Things You Can Buy For One Dirham

The savoury biscuits are the right combination for your tea.

Curry Leaves

Spice up your Indian cooking with some fresh curry leaves.

Lemon- Things You Can Buy For One Dirham

Lime juice? Pickle? Lemonade?

Squash seed

Get yourself revived with some squash seeds.

Wafers- Things You Can Buy For One Dirham

Dive and discover the wide variety of 1 AED wafers at your nearest grocery shop.


Get your CVs printed for 1 AED and brace yourself for the job hunt.

Peanut Bar

Satisfy your sweet tooth.

Pretzels- Things You Can Buy For One Dirham

Munch a huge packet of Pretzels for 1 AED.


Add the yoghurt on your diet and stay healthy.

1-10 shops

You will see one to 10 shops in every street of Dubai. Try hopping in; you will find plenty of things for one dirham which will make you go WOW!

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Things You Can Buy For One Dirham

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