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You are sipping a hot cup of cappuccino turning the pages of your favourite romance novel in a cosy cafe next to your home. Suddenly the wind blows from the entrance, and your sight turns to a man walking into the room. Immediately your palm sweats, the heart starts pounding, you blush and tremble. Even if they leave the room, you can’t get them out of your mind as if they cast a spell on you. This abrupt psychological and psychological overwhelming is known as romantic chemistry. If this intense vibe is mutual, then it is all set 😉.

Why do you feel it with some people? Why does this happen? Let us take a look into the facts and realities behind the romantic chemistry

Romantic Chemistry is very much true.

Romantic Chemistry is scientific in all sense. The research by  Helen Fisher, PhD, a senior research fellow at the Kinsey Institute and author of Anatomy of Love proves that. He took the MRI results of 17 subjects who were intensely in love and found that the areas of their brains associated with reward and motivation and rich in the chemical dopamine were activated once they were shown the pictures of their loved ones. So the “chemistry” is actually true. 

Why do we feel it with only some people?

romantic chemistry

Speed dating studies found that people pick exactly opposite of what they put on their wishlist. 

Dr Fisher did a detailed study on the brain to understand why we have chemistry with only some people. She has found that four basic styles of thinking and behaving are linked with four different brain systems: the dopamine, serotonin, estrogen and testosterone.

According to the research by Dr Fisher, the men and women with dopamine traits (curious, creative, spontaneous, energetic, restless, enthusiastic, impulsive, and mentally flexible) and serotonin traits (conscientious and religious, follow the rules, and prize order and habit) are attracted to people like themselves. In this case, the same pole attracts. Estrogen-dominant men and women (imaginative, empathetic, trusting and emotionally expressive) are drawn to their opposites that is to those high in testosterone. 

But the romantic chemistry can fade…

According to Dr Lehmiller, your long term chemistry with your partner can fade. To bring that back in between the couples, relish the old moments, plan weekly date nights, do five-minute chats each evening to review your days. To add spark in your dull relationship, do adventurous activities such as rock-climbing, painting, preparing cuisines together, which ultimately helps in the surge of dopamine. 

Romantic chemistry is that initial launchpad for a relationship. Trust and commitment must follow for the growth of that relationship. People rush to get married, thinking that chemistry works between them; however, the right balance between chemistry and compatibility is what you need in a long term partner. 

Information Credits- Readers Digest

romantic chemistry