Celebrate Onam

How To Celebrate Onam In Dubai?

A couple of years back, when I was a new expat in this country, I just googled the above caption “How To Celebrate Onam In Dubai?”. I know there are people like me, who are doing the same, and that is the main reason why I have come up with this blog.

Dubai is home to a vast Malayali expat community whose energy raises high during the harvest season. As the song “Thiruvavani Ravu” from Jacobnte Swargarajyam depicts, the Onam is celebrated with magnificent grandeur in UAE. There are plenty of Malayali associations and clubs who do it with great pep and exuberance. At times, I feel the celebrations are stupendous here comparing to the Onam back in Kerala. Here, A Dame’s Handbook is giving you a complete guide on how to celebrate Onam in Dubai.

Firstly, Sadhya (Celebrate Onam)

Celebrate Onam

Because of the time constraints, expats around the emirates are forced to eat from the restaurants. However, the restaurant Sadhya in Dubai beats the taste of homemade one(just hyping because of the strain that goes for making the 22 dishes Sadhya at home). 

Here are some of the restaurants that serve scrumptious Sadhya in Dubai

  • Calicut Paragon
  • Nalukettu restaurant
  • Salakara
  • Malabar Paris
  • Mister Idli

They also have parcel service if in case you want to avoid hassles eating out and spend your day at home with family.  

Onam Attire

What is Onam without an Onakodi? Grab you set saree and mundu from Lulu for cheap rates. You can avail all the latest styles there. Meena Bazar will also have some excellent collections in store.

Onam Celebrations

Malayali associations and other communities host Onam celebration with Chendamelam, games, music and the dance of legend Maveli itself. Onam at India club is one such event which has everything to induce the festive mood. 

Price: AED 40 per person (Members), AED 50 per person (Non-Members)

Onam Movies

Gear up for the Onam releases and watch your favorite Lalettan and Mammoka setting fire on the big screen. Nothing like watching these fellas in their glory. 

Celebrate Onam With Pookalam

Most of the shopping malls and hypermarkets will have flowers to make Pookalam, but I suggest you buy from flower shops in Dubai. The rates will be cheap since you are buying in bulk amount. 

And some partayyyyy!!

Oh, peeps, I am not talking about the pubs and clubs that play Beyonce songs. There is a spot where you can sway with some fantastic south Indian beats. Head to Simbly South, and you will understand what I am talking about. 

Interesting facts about Onam (Celebrate Onam)

  • Onam is a harvest festival celebrated by people from all religions in Kerala.
  • Malayalis believe that the mythical king Maveli visit Kerala every year on this onam day to see his people living happily.
  • Vallam Kali, Pulikkali, Pookkalam, Onatthappan, Thumbi Thullal, Onavillu, Kazhchakkula, Athachamayam, etc are the cultural elements of Onam.
  • Onam is a ten days festival where people will wear traditional Onakodi. 
  • People create multicolored floral decoration called Pookalam in front of their house.
  • Malayalis eat Sadhya during Onam, which is the traditional feast of Kerala with more than 25 dishes served in banana leaf.
  • Gifts exchange among friends and family is an integral part of Onam celebration.