heart attack symptoms in young woman

8 Heart Attack Symptoms In Young Women That You Should Not Ignore

Last year, a famous actor in the south Indian cinema industry lost his life to a massive cardiac arrest. It made news all over the country. Another TV artist and a young female influencer died from the exact cause during the same period. This news came nowhere. But why? The popularity scales of both the artists aside, gender plays a more significant role here. Cardiovascular heart disease is the No.1 cause of women deaths worldwide. It is even worrisome to know that it is more fatal than breast cancer in women. Yet people all over the globe regard it as men’s disease. Movies unwittingly contribute more to this perception. Most of the movies describe the heart attack with a 50 something man clutching his chest 90% of the time. Do women not get heart attacks? Oh, indeed they do! And this blog will detail you about the heart attack symptoms in young woman. 

The warning signs of a heart attack in women are different from that of men. Unlike men, women often report symptoms that are subtle and easily misinterpreted as the symptoms of common illnesses. Women who experience early heart attack symptoms tend to dismiss them as nothing more than a weakness and don’t seek medical care immediately. Even if the symptom worsens, they delay seeking needed intervention due to negligence.

Heart attack survival rates have improved over the past few years, but women still outnumber men when it comes to deaths due to heart attacks. Staying aware of heart attack indicators could mean the difference between life and death.

Here are the heart attack symptoms in young women

  1. Shortness of breath
  2. Pain in the arms, jaw, upper back or neck
  3. Nausea or vomiting
  4. Cold sweats
  5. Notable heart palpitations
  6. Unusual fatigue or dizziness
  7. Heartburn or indigestion 
  8. Your intuition

heart attack symptoms in young woman 

#1 Shortness of breath

Your breathing signals the effectiveness of your pumping system. If the pumped blood gets blocked, the air pressure builds up in your lungs, making you struggle to breathe. If the trouble of breathing persists for a longer time, then it could be necessary to seek medical help.

#2 Pain in the arms, jaw, upper back or neck

The association between heart attacks and pain in the arm may sound strange but has a science behind it. The nerves that branch out from the arms and lungs both send their signals to the same cells of the brain. This makes the brain confused about the origin of the pain. Pain around the jaws or upper back and the neck could also denote the danger of a heart attack.

#3 Nausea or vomiting (heart attack symptoms in young woman)

Remember I told you the symptoms are subtle? Yes, a nauseous feeling or even vomiting may signal that you have a heart attack.

#4 Cold sweats (heart attack symptoms in young woman)

It can be difficult to distinguish a cardiac arrest when you experience sweating. But sweating cannot be normal when you have not done any exercise or heavy body workout. This is something that a sign of a heart attack may look like.

#5 Notable heart palpitations

Heart palpitations are the changes in the rhythm of your heartbeat that appear like your heart is racing. If you ever feel like the rhythm of your heart is abnormal with its pace, it could be a sign of a heart attack.

#6 Unusual fatigue or dizziness

When your body senses the blockage of the blood flow, it experiences an inability to meet the energy needs. This may cause extreme tiredness/fatigue/dizziness even if you have had good rest all day.

#7 Heartburn or indigestion 

Recognizing heart attacks from heartburn can be tricky. But if you get a heartburn feeling and if it does not go away a few minutes after a burp, it could be your heart giving you signals.

#8 Your intuition (heart attack symptoms in young woman)

Last but not least, trust your gut feeling because your intuition about yourself can never be wrong. If you sense that something is wrong, shoot right away to get medical help.

What are the risk factors? (heart attack symptoms in young woman)

heart attack symptoms in young woman

Health factors and heart attacks are associated with each other. People with medical conditions like below are more vulnerable to heart attacks than people who have no risk factors.

  • High blood pressure·
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes

Smoking and Alcoholics habits may also expose you to the risk of getting heart attacks.

What to do if you notice these symptoms?

If you think you might be suffering from a heart attack, be quick to call the emergency line. After you have notified the emergency service, try to contact someone nearby for help.

Preventing any future attacks

It’s just as important to prevent heart attacks as it is to seek medical attention when you are having one. Studies have always denoted that most heart diseases are preventable. Prevention is possible only if people are more aware of the importance of staying healthy. Eat right, do exercise, stay active, trust your gut and get the right kind of help when necessary.