Games To Play In Clubhouse App

10 Games To Play In Clubhouse App

Looking for best games to play on Clubhouse? you are in the right place. The mobile application clubhouse is creating a buzz among the Millenials lately. All thanks to Elon Musk and Bill gates, the popularity of the clubhouse skyrocketed in the last couple of months. This legal sneaking into the phone conversation application is becoming a trend, especially during these pandemic lock down days. To know what this buzz is all about, I downloaded the application last day and hey guys, it is fun. However, I personally find the gaming clubs more interesting than the usual conversation podcast type of clubs. And if I get to know something entertaining like this, how could I not share it with you guys? So here you go, the best Games To Play In Clubhouse App.

But before getting into the fun part, some of you might be unfamiliar with this application. So let me give you an introduction. The clubhouse is an audio-chat social network that enables you to listen in on other people’s live conversations. Well, it is not an offensive way of sneaking into someone’s phone conversation, literally. The talks are hosted by the people who want to be heard.

The clubhouse was launched in March 2020. There is no picture and videos sharing on this application- only profile pictures and your voice. Once you sign up, you will have a list of rooms to take part in the conversation. But if you are not interested in the conversation part, you can play games with your fellow members of the room.

And here are some of my favorite Games to Play on Clubhouse App

  1. Truth Or Dare

  2. This or That

  3. Question Game

  4. Twenty questions

  5. Anthakshari

  6. Who is most likely

  7. Quiz

  8. Never have I ever

  9. English Speaking Games

  10. DM game

Games To Play In Clubhouse App

Best Games to Play on Clubhouse

#1 Truth Or Dare

Oh, this game can be played in the clubhouse, and there are many rooms for that. Players are given the choice of answering the questions truthfully or doing a dare. This dare on clubhouse can be singing a song, saying a speech, mimicry etc.

#2 This or That

In this game, the players are given two choices where they have to pick one- like tea or coffee?

#3 Question Game

The participants of this game should maintain the dialogue of asking questions back and forth for as long as possible. The game starts with the first player asking a question and the second player replying to it with another question. Oh, it would be so much fun.

#4 Twenty questions

The game that encourages deductive reasoning and creativity should have some great questions like “If the world was coming to an end tomorrow and you could choose only two people to save, who would they be?”Well, get ready for some weird answers, though.

Twenty question game was originated in the United States and was played extensively in the 19th century.

#5 Anthakshari

games to play in clubhouse

The most famous singing game where the participant should start singing the song from the last letter of the song sung by the other participant. Song repetition is a foul.

#6 Who is most likely

This game is all about drawing a card each round, and the group decides who is most likely to do what is said on the card. For example, the card shows who is most likely to eat frog legs? The group should point out that one person and there will be laughter followed by the answer. If there is a legit moderator, he can coordinate this game with ease on the clubhouse.

#7 Quiz- Games To Play In Clubhouse App

If you are good at IQ and general knowledge, this is the game for you. Prepare some question and start asking the group members- this will increase your knowledge as well.

#8 Never have I ever (Games To Play In Clubhouse App)

In this game, the players take turns to ask other players about things they have not done—a great way to get to know others.

#9 English Speaking Games

If you want to make your language fluent, then follow this English speaking club. This unique and interactive club provides you with the most advanced fun, exciting and competitive learning experience. Or else, you can create one room and play games with fellow club members to make your language fluent.

#10 DM game- Games To Play On Clubhouse App

Dungeon Master game is a role play kind of game that you can easily play on the clubhouse app. The group should have a great moderator as he is the key person to keep the game going strong.

So, that is it, guys. These are the games that can be easily played at the clubhouse. If you have any other game recommendations for games to play on clubhouse app, then let me know in the comments below. Let us give the world more ideas to have fun.