Halloween Costume Ideas

10 Desi Halloween Costume Ideas

Lol! I can’t believe I am writing this blog. My question is, why do we have to copy the western characters when we have our desi version of Halloween costume ideas? India is a land of diversity, so there is no scarcity regarding costume ideas. After all, I find it cool to blend the culture; I mean Indianising an international festival. If you are a true desi deep down and want to dress up as an Indian character, here are some of the desi Halloween costume ideas.

Before getting into the Halloween costumes ideas, let me give you some information about Halloween. Do you know what it is all about? If not, read further. The Celtic festival of Samhain, which was celebrated on November 1 in modern calendars, is where Halloween got its start. People donned costumes and built bonfires to fend off ghosts since it is believed that the souls of the deceased made their way back to their homes on that day.
As a result, popular Halloween clichés like witches, ghosts, and goblins got connected to the occasion. Now it lost its religious and traditional significance and is simply a day for dressing up and partying.

Now let’s get back to the desi last-minute costume ideas for Halloween!

1. Nagavalli/Manjulika

Halloween Costume Ideas

This pan-Indian ghost character is not only iconic but is easier to put together due to the availability of costumes. All you have to do is make your hair and face messy. Remember the expression.

2. The Iconic White Saree Ghost

Halloween Costume Ideas


All you need is a white saree, smudged kajal eyes and loose hair. You can scare anyone passing by, lol.

3. Nagin

Halloween Costume Ideas

This shape-shifting snake woman used to be a terrifying intervention in the 90s movies. How about recreating that one?

4. Aghori

Halloween Costume Ideas

Who is not fascinated by the lifestyle of Aghoris in the Himalayas? The documentaries and movies rave about them. This Halloween, recreate the Aghori look and be that mysterious presence at the party.

Don’t smoke pot and end up in jail.

5. Shakthiman- Halloween Costume Ideas

90s kids would love to recreate this superhero. Shakthiman issa vibe!

6. Rukshana from Pari

Rukshana from Pari is a next-level, scary, ugly, disgusting character. Scare everyone by taking the elements of horror from Rukshana.

7. Bulbul- Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

Bulbul is a Netflix movie character that kills men by hiding in the trees. The look is easy to recreate, but the tree climbing… I doubt!

8. Kanchana/ Laxmi

Halloween Costume Ideas

Oh, this movie made me sit on the edge of the sofa. Kanchana/Laxmi by Akshay kumar is easy to recreate with a huge bindi, smudged kajal and a red saree. You have to score in the scary expression, though.

9. Goddess Kali- Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

This look is so frightening. Kali is a Hindu goddess who is terrifying and fierce. She kills and drinks the blood of demons. You can dress up as God kali if you want to stand out from the party.

10. Hastar- Halloween Costume Ideas

Most challenging costume of all! But if you make it, you are going to nail it! Hastar is a cursed god portrayed in the movie Tumbbad. To be him, you should have a lot of red paint!

So that’s my take on desi last-minute Halloween costumes. Happy Halloween!

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