problems faced by indian women

Daily problems faced by Indian women

There are a lot of problems faced by women in general, and when it comes to Indian women…… !!! Congratulations my fellow Indian sisters, you have bonus mishaps. Ok, don’t roll your eyeballs and give me that look. Today, I decided to include the Daily problems faced by Indian women. Huh!! What is so unique about India? Read…

Sandwiched between work and home

Daily problems faced by Indian women

For those lucky ladies out there with a supportive husband and in-laws, this is not for you.

During my student exchange program at a Swedish university, I took this subject for my paper presentation. And what I realized is that Indian women are facing a huge pressure balancing family and professional life. Apparently, their day starts with early morning cooking, looking after the kids and then work and of course back from the office to domestic work. WORKAHOLIC Indian females I must say.

Using late-night public transportation

Daily problems faced by Indian women

That is dangerous!!! If you have any thoughts for asking your male friends to accompany you as a safety measure, remember it’s against Indian culture. A group of men will rape you as a punishment for being a slut traveling with a man late at night.

Terrible groping in crowded public transportations

Daily problems faced by Indian women

All I can say is avoid crowded bus and trains, or else you will be subjected to body examination. However, keep a safety pin for your safety.

Whattttt!!! No Short dress

Daily problems faced by Indian women

Raise your hands if you have ever changed your short dress in public restrooms or cars? Too much drishti from neighbors and relatives will make us a fraud, right?

23 is equal to marriage

Daily problems faced by Indian women

I don’t understand this sudden love from our relatives when we just pass our twenties. They adore and love us so much that they want to see us get married more than our parents. By hearing their comments, our parents will start grumbling and will nag us to get settle down. It is horrible!!!!!!

What according to you is Daily problems faced by Indian women? How many of you can relate this? Comment below