5 daily life hacks for women

Life hacks are something which eases our daily life struggles. Nowadays hack videos in a huge number; so huge that we will get perplexed thinking which one will work. This Rukku Sumayya is not a famous life hacker or an employee in the nifty video. But she has been through grappling and scuffle, which you will read below. Here are 5 daily life hacks for women by Rukku Sumayya


dandruff problem

There is no possible remedy for dandruff. All we can do is to control it. And the only way to control it is to scratch or scrub out the layer of dandruff from your skin and wash it off with an anti-dandruff shampoo. Henna treatment works to an extent. The rest of the saloon services Iike hair spa, dandruff treatment is a waste of time and money. Believe me; I have done all this crap.

Hairgro shampoo, Arnica (homeopathy) works well for dandruff.


5 daily life hacks for women

My hormones can predict upcoming events and functions. Don’t believe me? Whenever I have a marriage or function coming up, my hormones will decorate me with pimples. Toothpaste is a good solution for pimples. Conceal the rashes once it is gone.


5 daily life hacks for women

Calamine lotion is the best remedy for rashes. Let’s say pimple marks, chicken pox rashes, allergic rashes, calamine lotion works well for all.

Oversized shoe

5 daily life hacks for women

I have this habit of accidentally buying oversized shoes. Put some cotton balls on the front side of the shoes to make it a perfect fit. You will feel perfectly fit if you put tissue paper or newspaper in front of the shoes, but as soon as you start walking, it will hurt toes. So cotton is the best option

Preserve flowers

preserve flowers

To keep the cut flowers last longer, make a preservative by dissolving three tablespoon sugar and two tablespoons white vinegar in one liter of water. Hold the stem under water while you cut them and remove the leaves that are submerged under water. This is a wonderful daily life hack for women to preserve the flowers gifted by their lovers.

These are the daily life hacks for women by me Do you know any life hacks? Please comment below