Budget Shopping In Dubai

Cheap Shopping In Dubai-How And Where?

It was my fondest hobby to hop on branded shops, try on a few clothes, check the price tag, and leave it in the counter. You can’t blame me for causing mishaps to the salespeople. I was a newbie and jobless, what else I could do? Trying to shop economically was pretty hard for me until I find all those Cheap shopping in Dubai. If you are interested to know how I buy all those under 50 AED tops, shoes and bags, read the guide to Budget Shopping In Dubai below.

Before going deep into the details of the shops, let me give you some tips for budget shopping in Dubai.

#1 DO NOT TRY BRANDED SHOPS, or else you will end up causing trouble to the shop keeper. And leaving your favorite piece because of hefty price tag is depressing!

#2 KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN. Always keep on checking for sales and discounts. Maybe you can grab your favorite brand during “end of the season sale.”

#3 Wait for The Dubai Shopping Festival (January) and Dubai Summer Surprises (July and August) if you have patience. Your favorite clothes come with huge discounts during this time.

#4 AVOID SHOPPING MALLS TO SHOP. It is expensive, and you will tend to shop when you see the well-dressed mannequins.

#5 Keep a budget on your mind before you shop and don’t compromise the budget at any cost. You will be lured to spend more, but have self-control.

#6 Have a specific plan before shopping (since you are penniless and you can’t shop blindly, make a plan on what to buy and whatnot).

#7 Subscribe to the newsletters of your favorite shops so that you will get emails when there is any exclusive sales happening

That’s it! Now, read about the budget places to shop in Dubai below.

FOR GROCERIES (Cheap Shopping In Dubai)

Lulu Hypermarket

King of Dubai Grocery stores- lulu hypermarket has everything (A- Z) at affordable rates. Owned and operated by Indians, this shop has everything to satisfy an Indian.
They also have ready-cooked food at very reasonable prices. For example, you will get one Kg of curry for 15 AED. Is n’t that crazyyyy???

Baqer Mohebi

I adore this shop for buying chocolates and cookies. It is very cheap. Because of the bulk offers and discounts, both Lulu and Baqer Mohebi is great for shopping, especially when you go to the home country.



SHEIN is the only online shop in Dubai I adore, the rest of them are hell expensive and poor in the collection. Literally, I am addicted to this site, always scrolling up and down, add to cart, etc.

You will also get some lovely contemporary jewelry at cheap rates. But the only problem is you have to order for a minimum of 111 AED. Simply, buy with your friends, problem sorted!

Max fashion MENA

My absolute favorite when it comes to clothing. It is affordable, trendy, and excellent in quality.
The mall outlets won’t have much discounts and sales. Try visiting the individual shops ( Burjuman store) since they have frequent discounts and sales.

Splash (Budget Shopping In Dubai)

A bit more expensive when compared to max fashion, but they have some good range of collections worth spending.


I don’t really like the quality of dress in the affordables, and the collection is poor as well. But yeah, suitable for budget shopping!!

FOR COSMETICS (Cheap Shopping In Dubai)

Lifestyle Shops (Budget Shopping In Dubai)

Lifestyle online has discounts on every Tuesday. Go to the shop, try and note the cosmetics/shade you want to buy, order it online on Tuesdays and collect it from the shop.


If you are a fan of Korean makeup, you can try this extremely affordable shop. The quality of the products is good as well!


1 to 10 and united are good for other utilities such as decors, plastic boxes, utensils, etc.


You can check out my food review session for some scrumptious restaurant recommendations in Dubai.

Do you have any other suggestions for cheap shopping in Dubai? If so, please comment below.

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