Crop Circles

Bizarre Facts About Crop Circles

Hola guys, I just realised the fact that my readers love spooky and supernatural stuff which is why my Halloween special article real-life ghost story is on the list of the most-read blogs on my website. After all, who hates mystery? A couple of years ago, I started a supernatural blog where I used to pen down the real-life ghost encounter stories of the real people. But after a particular point, all these stories started appearing on my dreams replacing Charlie Puth and Justin Bieber, which is when I decided to quit and end messing with this kind of unearthly beings. That was the end of my SUPERNATURAL BLOG (*grin*). But, at times I have that gig to scribble something out of the world and today is one such day. So, peeps, now I am gonna feature the widely discussed topic Crop Circles on my blog…

What on earth is this Crop Circles?

A strange pattern that appears on the vast crop fields on an overnight. I know what are you thinking right now!  I can create a pattern on the crops, what is so special about it! HAHA, guys, this is so huge, and some of them span hundreds of feet, which can only be viewed from the sky. Gotchaaaa!!!

If not humans, who are so jobless to create this huge patterns that too on the crops? 

Who else! Aliens! Cerealogists (people who study crop circles) suggests that these may be the messages left by aliens or they are mistaken signals caused by intelligent life while visiting our planet. In both cases, I love to meet them!

What is the proof that aliens made this Crop Circles?

The soil samples taken from beneath crop circle patterns had traces of radioactive isotopes with short spans that could be from beyond Earth. Such traces can only be created in nuclear reactors. Even the small insects and other animals were found to dried up in the circle. The levels of radiation in the soil were triple the norm during this crop circle formation. Also, small iron beads were found in some places. Don’t you feel it is an Alein activity? 

Well… anybody saw aliens doing this?

The book Crop Circles – Signs Of Contact by Colin Andrews claims that he saw aliens in the form of lasers, balls of light and a tornado making these unique patterns on the crop fields. 

But most of them are not circles.

I don’t know who named this phenomenon as crop circles if it is not a “circle”. Their structure tends to be elliptical rather than circular in most of the cases where the crops are burned, bent, flattened or woven to form intricate patterns. More than 10,000 crop circles have been reported till date in which most of them have straight lines, triangles and other complex geometrical shapes which made many go baffled including me. 

Some More Facts About Crop Circles

  • Some of the crop circles have complex mathematical equations and coded messages on it. 
  • Most of them appear near the cultural heritage monuments such as Stonehenge or Avebury or close to ley line sites.
  • The bending of the crops happens due to the exposure of a quick blast of high temperature. 
  • It is said that some of the crops are formed because of the long-term exposure to pollutant damage, while the surrounding crops are healthy.A mysterious magnetic force theory is also circulating the internet regarding the same. 
  • Native Americans claim that star people who came from the sky makes this crop circles. It is believed that this star people began their civilization.
  • The crop circle formed near Stonehenge happened over a short period. The small aircraft pilot and his passenger flew over the crop didn’t find anything unusual and claimed the field to be “as normal” at 5:30 that afternoon. Still, by 6:15 PM when he was flying back over the area, the formation appeared all of a sudden.
  • Strange lights have been recorded above the crop formations which likely claims that these lights are the reason behind it. However, nobody knows what it is and how it is formed.

2020 have seen everything from wildfire to pandemic, earthquake, world war, volcanic eruption etc. Now let us wait for the aliens because that is the only thing left for humans to experience this year. 

Please Note: This blog is meant for light reading. The debates on crop circles are still going on.

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