Benefits Of Journaling

Benefits Of Journaling And How To Get Started With It

Imagine that scene where all of the piled-up clothes kept cluttered inside the cupboard falls over you. And if you are in a hurry to go somewhere, I am sure you will pull it back and close the door with a raised eyebrow. Then, of course, we might tell self-convincing excuses like too much tidiness is time-consuming or will not help us. But during situations like the above mentioned, we all think to declutter the cupboard once we get free, isn’t it? And this happens with our thoughts as well. What if we are cooking dinner and suddenly, we remembered the clothes to be washed. And while you go there, you remember to call someone whose phone call you have missed in the early evening. And then you get immersed in the Instagram feed for a while. Meanwhile, you are taken back to some bitter or sweet memories of someone you saw on the screen. And after all the drama, when the day ends, and several images linger in your thoughts, and you keep on contemplating about yourself and the people around you. Don’t think I am exaggerating, because as humans, it is very normal to have such days. For many reasons, including multi-tasking, anxiety, loss of interest, deadlines and of course, information overload increased with social media; it is very common that we end up in a state of mental fog. But we can do several things to get over it. Here are the benefits of journaling, the art of writing it out. 

Write when you are happy, when you are sad and when you are mad.

Writing down everything that pops into your mind, creating a to-do list or a simple diary, journaling can be in any format convenient to you. You can use multiple formats, like a bulletin list for your day-to-day activities and a diary for emotions and introspections. Many people practice a simple gratitude journal to really lighten their lives. You can choose anytime a day, for me nights were always the right time. You can make it a daily habit (mostly recommended) or when your thoughts are out of control, and you really need to vent up. 

Benefits Of Journaling

You can begin it in a small way and later on elaborate on your journaling process. You can use a diary, a book, a blog, your social media account (if you find it shareable), or acute journaling book or your own DIY ideas to note down your thoughts. This is one way we can put out our honest thoughts without zero judgements, and that requires zero justification or is followed by unnecessary advice. 

Your language, grammar, vocabulary, and other literary devices have nothing to do with journaling at all. You have to own the whole process with all of your virtues and vices. It will help you understand your own thoughts, actions, anxieties with more clarity. If you ever want to watch out for your own journey, start your journaling today.

Benefits of Journaling

  • Helps identify your positive and negative thoughts
  • It will declutter your thoughts
  • Helps to prioritise and manage things
  • Helps to regulate your stress, fear, anxiety and improves mental health
  • Increases your confidence
  • Improves your communication skills
  • Writing in a third-person point of view brings in better solutions for your problems
  • It will enhance your self-awareness and is often meditative

The list of Benefits Of Journaling goes on. Finally, you should find your own reasons for journaling. Enjoy your journey of discovery and uncover the little joys of life!