Things To Do While You Are Social Distancing

70 Things To Do While You Are Social Distancing

When more and more people are testing positive for COVID-19 during this pandemic season, the time allotted for us to straighten the curve is getting extended. What to do? We have to save the world by surviving indoors. Although staying inside is a great way to protect the planet by preventing the spread of the disease, it will lead to boredom and weariness. To battle this tedium, I have compiled a list of Things To Do While You Are Social Distancing. Keep scrolling; the list is long! 

  1. First of all, sleep, take rest, relax and unwind because you have been working a lot all these years. 
  2. Do some indoor workouts as it will boost your mood instantly. 
  3. Go live on your Instagram and host a concert. Sing some songs and entertain others who are bored at home. 
  4. Try some DIY project. Refer to the internet (youtube, nifty, Buzzfeed) for the pool of tutorials. 
  5. Host a candlelight dinner on your balcony. 
  6. With the restaurant dine-in temporarily ceased, try to experiment with your cooking skills and make some delicious food.
  7. Listen to some podcasts while you cook or play your favourite tracks.
  8. Read some good books; ebooks are available in plenty. 
  9. Support the local businesses by shopping online during this troublesome time as it will be beneficial for them. 
  10. Arrange your room. It is that time to keep your room tidy and neat. 
  11. Try some new hairstyles. Take the help of YouTubers and beauty vloggers. 
  12. Start a blog or write a journal.
  13. Complete a puzzle or play some games online with your friends (PubG).
  14. Try Yoga and meditation as it will ease your mind
  15. Dust off that old instrument and start practising, but make sure you don’t bother your neighbours. 
  16. Write a poem
  17. Watch some good movies/ series on Netflix 
  18. For all the singles, start swiping tinder kind of apps. You have enough time to find that right person.
  19. Text your exes and take it off from your chest. Lol!
  20. Try face masks, hair masks and do some self-care routines
  21. Learn a new language; there are plenty of apps to do that.
  22. Dance like no one is watching. Put some music and dancing crazy. 
  23. Learn a new dance form by watching the youtube tutorials. 
  24. Learn to draw and paint
  25. Play board or card games with your family. 
  26. Call your old friend and talk about those beautiful days of your life.
  27. Talk to your long-distance friends. 
  28. Create a youtube video and be a youtube star. 
  29. Make a bucket list of things you want to accomplish in your life.
  30. Do some styling with your clothes and get yourself prepared for those outings after this corona time. 
  31. Take a bubble bath with candles, rose petals and light music.
  32. Make a cocktail
  33. Write a short story or a novel
  34. Make a list of things that you have accomplished in your life
  35. Make a list of things that you are grateful for. 
  36. Make some TikTok videos, and be creative with it.
  37. Make a list of things you want to do when these tough times are over
  38. Learn some tongue twisters
  39. Do some freelance jobs; there are plenty of sites online for the job hunt. 
  40. Learn Origami! 
  41. Play card games, board games, computer games and sports games.
  42. Play some karaokes and sing along. 
  43. Try jewellery making
  44. Bake some cakes, cookies etc.
  45. Do a room/balcony makeover. Check out my balcony makeover blog for inspiration
  46. Do a photostory of your quarantine life
  47. Take online classes
  48. Scroll through your old photographs
  49. Listen to music
  50. Reply to google, quora and yahoo questions.
  51. Read memes
  52. Start planning your next holiday
  53. Make a list of things you want to achieve in 10 years
  54. Make a mini garden on your balcony
  55. Rearrange your home
  56. Learn your name in different languages.
  57. Try colouring apps
  58. Make some wall art
  59. Change up your decor
  60. Sort your wardrobe 
  61. Do Zumba
  62. Wash your makeup brushes
  63. Upcycle the old pieces in your house and give it a life
  64.  Lick your nose 
  65. Make a prank call. That is one crazy Things To Do While You Are Social Distancing
  66. Group chat with your dear ones
  67. Act like a Zombie
  68. Walk like a supermodel
  69. Learn a magic trick
  70. Still bored? Read my blog! Or follow my Instagram. LOL

That is my long list of Things To Do While You Are Social Distancing. You can read latest updates about COVID- 19 on WHO website.



Things To Do While You Are Social Distancing