Real-Life Ghost Stories

6 Real-Life Ghost Stories That Will Keep You Up All Night – Halloween Special.

I have interacted with my Instagram family to get some spooky stories in connection with Halloween. They have shared some of their Real-Life Ghost Stories, which are actually spine-chilling.

Disclaimer: These Real-Life Ghost Stories are not recommended for FAINT HEARTS.

The house, honestly, only brought me bad luck- Real-Life Ghost Story From Devika V Menon, Journalist

When I was working in Chennai, my house was very close to a cemetery. So, obviously, I was scared to step out alone at night, even if it was just to go to my balcony. My kitchen faced the cemetery, and it did freak me out, but I sought comfort in the fact that there’s always good in the world. But there have been times where I’ve felt like I saw someone standing outside in the balcony, even though I know that the balcony doors are locked. I did brush the thought aside because I thought it was just me being all paranoid.

I started to believe that the house was messed up after amma came home to visit. Once I moved out of Chennai, she told me that she kept seeing a shadow in the room at night, which scared her, but did not tell me because she did not want me to worry. Then, a friend of mine had come to stay over, and he went to the kitchen, and legit started to freak out after he claimed to have seen several pairs of eyes in the dark outside the kitchen window. 

Another friend of mine said that as he was sleeping in my room, he felt someone sit on him so hard that it was quite difficult for him to breathe and even make a sound. I assumed it was a case of sleep paralysis then, but after what Amma told me, I’m not quite sure if it was sleep paralysis. The house, honestly, only brought me bad luck, but I don’t know if it’s because of this.

Then suddenly, my bed just slumped on the side as if someone came and laid next to me- Abhilasha H Das, Tourism Professional

This terrible incident which changed my perception about supernatural stuff happened during a humid month of May. I lived most of my life in Lucknow, and summer months are incredibly torrid in this region. Since my house had no air conditioner, I have to put the mattress on the floor just below the ceiling fan to get a good sleep. 

Since late-night TVs are banned, I plugged in the earphone and started listening to the radio. Sleep-deprived me (because of day time sleeping) laid on my favorite position that is on the stomach. After some time, I started getting irritated because of the sleeping difficulty (I sleep a lot during day time), and then suddenly, my bed just slumped on the side as if someone came and laid next to me. I was petrified to the core. I had no guts to turn my head and look at my side. All I could do was pray and pray and pray. Suddenly there was a movement again, and I lost all my strength. Somehow after praying non-stop for an hour, I slept.

The next day I woke up and rushed to my mom for narrating the whole incident. Before I could speak, she asked me, “Why were you walking around in the dark? I told you to sleep early, right?” I went numb for a second. My mom saw someone at 12 in the night roaming around the dining area, and she thought it was me who is trying to watch TV secretly. My dad and brother were away from home, and there was no sign of someone breaking in. After this incident, I make sure that my side is covered with a pillow whenever I sleep alone. 

 I believe she saw me astral projecting- Angele, Admin Staff

My sister woke up at 3 am to drink water and saw me looking at my physical body. I have frequent episodes of sleep paralysis, and I believe she saw me astral projecting.

He should have 20 hands to do this activity in a single shot- Nisha Isac, Business professional.

I have heard a lot of Real-Life Ghost Stories but never believed one until it happened to me. This incident happened in my apartment in Kuwait.  

I woke up early morning, hearing a big sound from the kitchen and rushed to see all the utensils which were kept inside the closed overhead shelves (wooden shelves with doors and racks) scattered on the floor keeping the racks open. I got scared and raced to my room, locked me inside, and called out my parents, thinking that someone broke into my house. Both my parents were working and came to the scene, unlocked the door to see no one in the house. (They carry spare house key and lock the main door themselves whenever they go out, and they hate to disturb me in sleep).

No earthquake was reported in the area and no breaking in scenes. Brushing aside the negative thoughts, everybody who gathered in the house, including my parents, went back to their daily responsibilities. And I, on the other hand, went to watch TV after cleaning the kitchen mess. This time again, a single loud sound came from the kitchen. I went to check with shivering hands and saw all the utensils from all the shelves (upper and lower cupboards) scattered on the floor. Most of the glass items were broken, as well. 

I couldn’t believe my eyes. How is it possible for a human being to open more than 20 shelves and pull out all the utensils at a time? If it was a human being, he should have 20 hands to do this activity in a single shot. I ran to the neighbor and fell sick for another week. I still don’t understand this phenomenon, and thankfully, it did not repeat afterward. I hope it won’t! 

We returned to the snake straightening from its coil and moving free- Ejaz Ashraf, Physicist

I don’t really think these incidents fit in the Real-Life Ghost Stories category. This might be a coincidence; it must really be. But the weirdness of it is indeed quite striking. Parts of my house are around 150 years old. A new building completely covering a very old section. Nobody really goes into the old parts. It’s full of antique pots, bronze lamps (whose only use these days is for making kanmashi the old fashioned way), and all kinds of stuff that we don’t usually use.

One Friday, I got permission to go to a sleepover with my cousin. Everything went well until that evening I got called by my Mom that there was a huge snake that came in through the front door just after I left, which despite them driving it away a few times, has taken residence in the old part and coiled itself around the large bronze lamp. She asked me not to come around until they had gotten rid of it. I agreed. However, I forgot all about it the next day and went marching home without asking. It turns out; it just left as I entered. There was nothing strange about an odd snake sighting after all. Besides, we had great fun at the sleepover that we decided to have another one the next week. And then it all happened again.

The snake came back, went straight to the old room, and coiled itself around the great lamp. It wouldn’t go away whatever they tried, which wasn’t much as the sun had already set by then. They could only close those old parted doors and lock it with that large awful key that we rarely used. The distinction between the old and the new suddenly got more stark (as if it wasn’t already stark enough). I only came back the next evening with my friends and the cousin, and we saw the snake writhing away just as we entered. Strange…last time it left early, and this time it left late, I opined.

And soon enough, a month later, we had another sleepover. This time I ensured that those old heavy locks were in their place. And I left with a smug smile that I had beaten this constant visitor, that last two times it was just there to get some old rats that might be hanging around in the old building. But it didn’t last. In 15 minutes of getting there, I got a call. That the snake came back roamed around the entire house and disappeared. Well, at least it did disappear!

I lost count of how many times this kept happening. Each time it was a hassle trying to get those old places locked down just in case. It never harmed anyone, but the presence of it was unsettling enough… It came to the point that she wouldn’t let me go just because dealing with the snake was hard. Once when we all went on a trip with my uncle’s family, we returned to the snake straightening from its coil and moving free. By that time, however odd it seemed that a large snake was running close to us, there was a sense of security that it might not harm us.

Once our neighbor got robbed that night, the snake came again, sat right outside our room’s door, and wouldn’t move an inch. I was afraid to go to my room to sleep because of how close it was. But it just lay there, and I swallowed my fear and walked over it. The next morning Mom found it leaving and woke up to hear that our neighbor got robbed. We never saw the snake again. We saw other snakes, but not that one, not again! I suppose the snake judged all of us grown-up enough to stop visiting us, or it just ran out of rats in our home.

I turned back and saw that no lights were on at that house- Real-Life Ghost Story From Sunder Lal, Knowledge management Professional

I was in Madurai, visiting a friend. And, nothing against the norm, we were having dinner on a fine night. After this, I thought of taking a walk, which turned out to be an experience like none else.

I walked by a house and noticed a person standing outside the gate. As a person, when a voice called me from behind, “excuse me, can you help me?” The voice was of a lady, and obviously, I turned back and went to her. She explained that she was the daughter of that house who was studying away and came without informing anyone to surprise her parents. But apparently, no one was at the place, and her phone was out of charge because of which she couldn’t contact them. I happily gave my phone to her from which she made the call and later told me that her parents are at some relative’s place and told her where the spare key is kept.

I helped her get the key, opened the front gate, went in, and opened the main door, and she got in and thanked me. After this, I came out and continued my walk. But, as I took a few steps, I turned back and saw that no lights were on at that house. Somehow it spooked me, and I went back to the front gate, which was locked from outside! It hadn’t been enough time for the lady to go outback. And then, my friend came looking for me and asked what am I doing staring at that house, which has been abandoned for long, after the daughter of the house died! I was shell shocked! Who was it whom I helped get in? Where did she go as there was no sign of anyone entering the house? I still don’t have an answer.

I heard plenty of Real-Life Ghost Stories from my Instagram family and shortlisted these 6 stories, due to time and space constraints. I hope these real-life ghost stories did freak you out as it did to me.

Here is me wishing you a happy and spooky Halloween!

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Real-Life Ghost Stories