Velvet Abaya Styles

5 Comfy Velvet Abaya Styles To Add In Your Wardrobe NOW

Abayas are now emerging as an item of modest clothing for Muslims. It is the most renowned Islamic attire vigorously worn across the globe right now; which is famous in the Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, India and Pakistan. Abayas are usually worn including Hijab with adding extra height which is capacious. Black Burqas are now redesigned and overhauled to meet the fashion trends and also for customer’s needs. Abayas can be worn as dresses and long coats by both hijabis and non-hijabis women that comes with elegant colours, designs & superfluities. The most common colours that we can see in Abayas are black, off-white, yellow and grey. However, Abayas nowadays are influenced momentously by many modern trends and can be seen in many mesmerizing colours such as teal, turquoise, beige and gold. Women mostly wear Abayas as religious clothing and also to cover themselves, but now women are seen wearing silk and velvet Abayas like dresses and kimonos to give a diverse style statement. Velvet abayas are most preferable clothing style for Muslim women and are now trending with their updated styles from top brands. Take your look to the next level with the perfect accessories with your gorgeous Velvet Abayas. We have sorted out most elegant Velvet Abaya Styles for you. Go through the list of top 5 Comfy Velvet Abayas Styles to add in wardrobe that will never go out of styles.

Coat Velvet Abaya Styles in Vibrant Colours

Look simple yet attractive with one of the most loving styles in Abayas that is Coat Style Velvet Abayas. Velvet Abayas gives a fashionable yet diffident look. Get ready with light makeup, right accessories and a matching scarf to complete your pretty look. Carry a hand purse to add more style in your outfit. This fashion in Velvet Abayas will give you elegance always.  

Formal Abayas at Your Workspace

Want more choices in Abayas to wear at your workplace? Then go with the formal Velvet Abayas. Get ready for your important meeting with gorgeous Abayas and present your proposal to clients. This Velvet abaya looks quite different from traditional Abayas. Complete your look with striking accessories that will add extra grace, and it is a perfect match for a decent look. These styles in Abayas are perfect to wear in work and for the formal meetings. 

Velvet Combined with Elegant Net Fabrics

Add more sparkle to your wardrobe, with different styles of Net Velvet Abayas. Net Abayas always give an attractive look; especially you can choose it to wear in a party or for a night out with your girls. Highlight entire look with the scarf, which is having a net border that perfectly compliments your look. You don’t need to do a lot to look good, grab this style at an attractive discount using Ounass coupon codes

Stunning Printed Velvet Abayas

Want to style-up in a classy way every day to upgrade yourself? Then go with the printed Abayas. It can be worn when you go for a formal party or quick meet-up with your friends. There are many styles in printed Velvet Abayas like abstract prints, geometric, floral, animal prints, traditional prints, tie-dye prints, etc. Choose your favourite style, Abayas and wear the right kind of accessories to get a fancier look. Also, when it comes to colour and prints, you can choose your season-appropriate style.

Velvet Abaya Styles with Glossy Pearls

Add extra refinement in your casual look with Pearl Velvet Abayas. These Abayas are stunningly crafted with pearl and lace. Show your elegant style at the party you have been waiting for. Embedded with pearls, this Velvet Abayas will be your first choice when you want to go for parties, the wedding or for any special occasion. You don’t need to pay expensive bills to be genuinely stylish if you use Namshi coupon codes while shopping. You can look great by saving maximum on online orders. 

Velvet abayas are becoming the most beloved style for modern Muslim women on every occasion nowadays with excellent styles in their designs. There will be innumerable styling options and elegant combinations that you can try with your favourite abayas. If you are fond of wearing different styles in velvet abayas, then above-picked styles should not be excluded from your shopping list. Get your best look with above outstanding styles in Velvet Abayas! 

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Guest Post By Rezeem.