5 Benefits Of Gossiping

Ok, don’t roll your eyes! There is no one in this world who has not gossiped ever in their life. If you find anyone saying that they have not done bitching ever in their life, then stay away from them because they are big fat liars. Gossipers genuinely have a bad reputation, and gossip is generally looked down upon, despite the fact that there are plenty of benefits to gossiping.

The only thumb rule you have to keep in mind is- how much gossip is too much gossip? And whom are you gossiping with? If you overdo it, it will affect your mental being. And if you do this with everyone, people will have insecurity befriending you thinking that they will be the next topic on the next table.

According to the studies, 80% of our conversation is about other people, and in fact, it helps us to vent and feel light. Here are some of the benefits of gossiping.

1. Gossiping helps build outstanding bonds.

During pre-historic times, gossip helped us understand who was trustworthy and helped us survive. When we gossip, we tend to release feel-good hormones like serotonin and bonding hormones like Oxytocin. That is why we bond over gossip. See, it is all science.

2. Gossiping helps to vent out and create empathy.

When you talk about a bad experience with someone close, you vent your sorrows, which will help you feel less shame and light.

3. You will know how they are

You will get to know others’ behaviour while gossiping, which will give you an idea about their character so that you can act accordingly.

4. Keeps anxiety in control

When you keep your woes inside, you will feel anxious. Venting out or talking to someone close can make you feel light. Gossiping has a therapeutic effect.

5. You learn from other’s mistakes.

When you gossip, you learn about others and their mistakes. This can help mould yourself better to not go through the path others went.

But watch out for these red flags.

  • Too much gossip can affect your mental health.
  • Don’t walk around and gossip to anyone and everyone. Find someone with your dynamics and the one who is willing to keep your secrets and worries within themselves to do a fruitful session of gossip. Not with someone who tells everything you say to everyone.

Happy gossiping, dears!

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