4 Reasons Why You Should Attend IFFK Atleast Once In Your Lifetime

IFFK for me, is an emotion. It just brings me back old college memories. Yes, I did belong to the category of students who used to bunk class to watch art movies. Every year when I get the newsletter for registration, my mind teleports to those bygone golden days of my life. Oopsie, sorry guys, I get emotional whenever I think about my college days. Nostalgia apart, let’s get into the matter!

For those who don’t know, The International Film Festival of Kerala (abbreviated as IFFK), is an annual film festival held in the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum. Spearheaded by the big names on the Indian film industry, the IFFK will bring something new and unique every year. You should experience this annual festivity at least once.

Here are some reasons Why You Should Attend IFFK At least Once In Your Lifetime

Movies, Movies and More Movies

American comedy writer Judy Cast and THE CAVE / NANG NON movie director Tom Waller

Known as one of the leading cultural events in India, the festival will host premiers of national and international movies for seven days. The movies are listed under a variety of categories, in which the competition section being the most prominent one.

To be honest, watching all these movies from different parts of the world on a big screen is a unique experience. These movies will give a deep insight into the culture and lives of people. For a passionate traveller like me, these movies prompted me to make travel plans.

You can watch a maximum of 5 movies a day and walk like a zombie!

Say Hi To Your Favourite Celebrity. (IFFK)


From Jaya Bachan to Mohanlal, the festival has witnessed plenty of A list celebrities and movie makers from Indian as well as the international film industry. They will be walking freely without bodyguards, watching movies and attending forums with you. There won’t be any barriers for you to interact with them.

Open Forums And Panel Discussions


Open forums and panel discussion conducted during IFFK is an excellent platform for aspiring filmmakers and cinephiles to discuss cinema. If you are lucky, you will get to do that with the prominent ones in the industry.

The movie directors from different corners of the world will come forward to talk about the movie and the making process. Let us say a director from Lebanon talking about his film on civil war (shot during the civil war). How incredible would that be?

Make Friends At IFFK


I would say IFFK is a perfect networking spot to make new friends. You will get to see a lot of new people from different walks of life with the same interest as yours. You can network with aspiring filmmakers or maybe who knows you will end up being a film aspirant (I have a friend who got his passion for movies by attending film festival).

Those who haven’t experienced this film festival should do it at least once in a lifetime. I am sure you will come back for the second, third, fourth, nth time!

How can I be a part of IFFK?

IFFK is mostly conducted during December. You can register for the event a month ago. Get more details about the film festival on their official website, www.iffk.in.



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