10 Crazy Netflix and Chill Essentials During Quarantine

Are you on the loop of Netflix and chill like me? Are you binge-watching all those famous series on Netflix? Do you feel monotonous with the regular ambience in your house? Remember, Netflix and chill was just a dream before two months. Live the dream NOW and create your best binge-watching atmosphere by using all these Netflix Essentials below.

#1 Swaddle Blankets

These Netflix themed blankets are all you need for cuddling up during this quarantine season. 

Prize: 174 AED

Where: Amazon

#2 Netflix Coffee Mugs

Excellent for your cuppa Coffee, Tea, Karak, Milk, Cocoa etc. while binge-watching Netflix

Prize- 8- 18 AED

Where to buy: Amazon

#3 A bag of Sohar chips/ Oman chips/ Lays/ Pringles

Who hates munchies while watching movies? Remember not to get fat!

#4 Microwave Popcorn Popper

Popcorn and movies go hand in hand! Microwave Popcorn Popper eases the process of popcorn making and serving. Grab it now!

Prize: AED 82

#5 Cartoon Onesies- Netflix Essentials

This loose-fitting casual jumpsuit is a mandatory Netflix essential during this quarantine. Just get dressed in your favourite cartoon character and be comfy always. 

Where to buy: Amazon

#6 Netflix Candles

Add oomph to your crazy weakness aka Netflix with scented Netflix themed candles.

Where to buy: Amazon

#7 Pillows- Netflix Essentials

How about some pillows to hug while you get anxious watching the finale?

Where to buy: Amazon

#8 Netflix T-shirts for men

Get into this brand new digital culture with some comfy Netflix themed T-shirts.

Where to buy: Amazon

#9 Smoothie- Jar

Add some health elements to your sloth life by making some healthy smoothies.

Where to buy: Amazon

#10 Popsicle Mould- Netflix Essentials

Have some healthy frozen treats while you glue your eyes on the television. If you need some recipe inspiration, you can check out this link!

Where to buy: Amazon

🙂 🙂 🙂

Binge-watching has surpassed the newness, and it is now part of the digital culture. With all the above essentials, you will feel less like a sloth Apparently, You can finish one whole series in a day with all these Netflix essentials. I am just kidding! 

Guys, be gretful that you are healthy and alive! And enjoy every moment of your life!


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