Low Investment Business Ideas

10 Low Investment Business Ideas For Women In Dubai

Are you that lady who gets excited to read the entrepreneurial journey of women? Do you often dream about starting your own business and being a boss lady? Then I am going to show you some fantastic Low Investment Business Ideas For Women In Dubai.

Running/starting a multi-million business is not a cakewalk, and not everyone can get fame. But a low investment business setup is definitely worth a try. However, before jumping into any business idea, it is mandatory to examine and analyze your skillset. Without skills, you can start a business, but eventually, you will fail. How will you start a catering business if you don’t know cooking?

I will list out some low investment business ideas for women below, and you can find out if any of them matches your skillset.

1. Baker (Low Investment Business Ideas)

Low Investment Business

If you are that baker loved by everyone in your family, then it is high time for you to start a baking business of your own. You can also create a social media page, shoot the cake making video and post on the feed to create a strong profile for yourself.

Skills required: Baking, camera, editing.

2. Food/Catering Business

Food/Catering Business

Catering or tiffin service is one of the most popular small business ideas for women. If you have a knack for cooking, you can consider starting a tiffin service/ catering service in your city. Most of the people in Dubai are working, and seldom they find time to cook. Therefore, this tiffin service will benefit you as well as them.

To get started, create a WhatsApp group and add your close acquaintance and family members and tell them you have started the catering business. Word of mouth will do the rest of the job.

If catering is not your cup of coffee, then you can cook and post videos/pictures on Instagram. The celebrity home chefs are trending on IGTVs these days. Once you get fame, you will get paid collaborations from the food brands.

Skills required: cooking, camera, editing.

3. Candy/Chocolate making

Low Investment Business Ideas

Savouring sweet candies and chocolates is a favourite hobby of a lot out there. How about turning your chocolate eating hobby into a money-making business? Candy/chocolate making is a profitable home business that requires less investment. You don’t need to start this business by purchasing bulk chocolate-making machinery. Just try to commence low key and approach your local shops for sale.

Expand tie-ups with your local stores to sell your chocolates there.

Skills: chocolate making.

4. Crafts Business (Low Investment Business Ideas)

Crafts Business

Are you that creative brain who loves to watch and experiment craftworks? Have you been complimented for making crafts? If the answer to both the questions is a yes, then consider starting the business of handmade craft supplies.

You can reach out to event organisers, wedding planners or party planners for collaborations as they are constantly looking for innovative craft products for decoration purposes.

Skills required: creativity.

5. Home-based Tutoring

Low Investment Business Ideas

Working parents find it hard to teach their kids, and therefore they mostly rely on safe home-based tutors. The home-based tuition classes are the best Low Investment Business Ideas For Women. You can either take classes on your home or that of the student according to your convenient time with zero investment.

Skills: teaching skills, patience.

6. Day Care- Best Low Investment Business Ideas

Day Care

When both the parents are working in a family, daycare is the only option left for them to send their kids. If you are someone who loves to be with small children, then starting a daycare is one Low Investment Business Idea For Women.

Skills required: customer relation, patience and interest in kids.

7. Hobby Classes

Hobby Classes

If you are good at any skill, then conduct home-based hobby classes. It can be anything like crafts, designing, baking etc. Create an Instagram account and spread the word about the event.

The event would make a great space to meet and socialise with people as well. There are people who had conducted such hobby classes and then later turned into an academy that gives a certificate for the same.

Skills required: teaching skills, interpersonal skills.

8. Event Management

Low Investment Business Ideas

In this world full of hassles, people love to conduct events( birthday party, baby showers, farewell parties, weddings or corporate events) without any hassles. There comes the importance of event organisers. If you love to organise events at your home, then you should consider expanding it to a bigger level.

Skill required: organisational skills, management skills.

9. Photography- Top Low Investment Business Ideas


If the passion for taking pictures drives you, then you should consider buying good cameras and start doing paid photography. It is not a herculean task to learn editing and photography; there are plenty of online sites that provide sessions for the same.

Skills: photography, editing

10. Social Media Influencer

Low Investment Business Ideas

Social media is one of the best platforms to showcase your talent. With zero investment, you can become a social media influencer. Just operate on your area of interest and try to generate genuine and loyal content consumers with a daily conversation about the niche. Brands interact with the influencers and do paid collaboration, hence presenting it a money-making option for women.

Skills required: Social media interaction skills.

What is your skill set? Just let me know in the comments below.

Low Investment Business Ideas

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