What To Eat In Sri Lanka

What To Eat In Sri Lanka; Must-Try Foods and Restaurants

I just completely recovered from the post-vacation blues, but the hangover from the gastronomical treats I had from this teardrop-shaped Island country is not yet over; which is why I have decided to come up with this What To Eat In Sri Lanka blog. Being an island with a tropical climate, Sri Lankan cooking delivers dishes that are mostly made from coconut, spices, seafood and vegetables. I was expecting the cuisines to be the same as that of Kerala, but I was wrong. Though the dishes are somewhat Indian, the spice blending and tastes are different; shaping a unique flavour that made love with my taste pallets. So, here are some of the dishes you should try in Sri Lanka, along with some great restaurants I tried during my trip to this pearl of the Indian Ocean.

Crab Curry (What To Eat In Sri Lanka)

Oh boy, just typing the name produced a mouth full of saliva. I have always been a fan of crabs, and Sri Lankan crab curry is absolute bliss. First of all, you will get fresh crabs in Sri Lanka and when they cook it with fresh aromatic spices, Oh boy! You will start dancing with happiness on your first bite (yes I did). 

Fish Ambul Thiyal (Sour Fish Curry)

Fish is abundant in this island destination, and Sri Lankans are smart in prepping them in a way that you get addicted to it. Fish Ambul Thiyal is fish cubes cooked with spices, pandan leaves, and tamarind like fruit called goraka and simmered to perfection. Mostly eaten with rice, this curry truly represents Sri Lanka.

Appam/ Hoppers (What To Eat In Sri Lanka)

Kerala is having their own version of Appam, but without eggs in the centre. The Appam is made with a batter that is similar to that of pancake (made with rice flour). It is made by pouring the rice batter on the wok and swirling it in a circular motion. Mostly served with Spicy Sambul Sauce, this local favourite is customarily eaten for breakfast or dinner.

Parippu (Dal Curry)

 Perfect for dipping parathas and rotis, Dhal is a curry made from lentils and coconut milk. The most common curry in household and restaurants, dal is nothing but red lentils boiled and simmered with spices until soft. 

Kottu/ Kottu roti

You will hear the noise of chef prepping this kottu roti from a kilometre away (clank of their knife on the hot plate while chopping the roti). Known as the ultimate street food meal, this kottu roti is made with shredded roti, vegetables and meats. It is delicious and exceptional! 

Pol Roti (Coconut curry)

Another delicious roti freshly baked and served with a salty chilli sauce is pol roti (coconut flatbread) available in train stations and other local places.  

Wambatu Moju (candied eggplant)

Mostly served as a side dish, the Wambatu Moju is an eggplant deep-fried, sliced, and caramelized with lots of oil, salt, sugar, and soy sauce. It is a perfect pickle dish for the rice. 

Kukul Mas Curry (Chicken curry)

Served with rice and roti, Kukul Mas Curry is the chicken cooked with items like fennel seeds, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon sticks, chilli powder, curry powder, turmeric, pandan leaves, lemongrass and curry leaves. A lot for a chicken curry, right? I know but tastes yummy.

Polos (Jackfruit curry)

I love jackfruit in any form. Trust me this curry is super delicious with the adequate proportions of delicious spices.

So, that is it! I thought my gastronomical urges would vanish once I pen down What To Eat In Sri Lanka. But NO!

You can check out zomato/ culture trip to find out the best eateries that serve scrumptious Sri Lankan food OR you can ask around the locals. However, here are some of my recommendations.


  • Ministry Of Crab
  • Cinnamon Grand


  • The Empire Cafe
  • Helga’s Folly


  • The Fisherman’s Wharf
  • The Palms, Beruwala

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