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Those momos from Olive root!!

A collaboration next door? I can’t be happierrrrr. Olive root is a north India restaurant located in Al Nahda, which serves Lebanese and Chinese food.
I was just all merry because I have a new place next door to eat from- that too with delicious food and ambiance.


I was expecting to eat some thali with that delicious jilebi and rabadi. But they welcomed me with a blue lagoon drink. I have a thing for decorated colored drinks… So, Impressed!!

Olive root restaurant

And then came chicken momos pipping hot. The momos were carefully placed in the green leaf inside the bamboo steamer. There are a variety of irresistible momos served with in house sauce- but the chicken momos took my heart away. (can’t wait to go back and have more).

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I am not a biriyani fan! Yeah, don’t roll your eyes. Come on guys; I eat biriyani always- for weddings, gatherings, etc. Being a girl from a Muslim family, biriyani is something which I eat like I consume medicine(regular food for all occasions). I was not literally happy when they served Rajasthani biriyani- but my mind was overflowing with joy when I tasted it.

Olive root restaurant

It is flavorsome and delicious- pretty much unique and different from all other biriyanis I had in my life.

The chicken tandoori served by Olive root was juicy and delicious.

Olive root restaurant

And the paneer kadhai has blown me completely. Out of all the items I had from the Olive root, paneer kadhai stands out in every way.

Olive root restaurant

Ending with moong dal halwa. Just describing the halwa with one word- exquisite!!


The staffs are excellent and punctual. Radically, I was busy concentrating on the food and hence I couldn’t notice these fellas. Dedicated foodie, I must say.


Though the restaurant is located on an ordinary corner, they have tried to keep up the glamor by presenting a pleasant ambiance. If you check out my youtube review on this restaurant, you will understand how amazing is the ambiance of Olive root restaurant.

They have divided the hotel into two sections- in which one section serves thali, and the other serves ala carte. And hey listen, they serve breakfast under 10 AED, can you believe it? Check out Olive root now!