Simply Oishii

Simply Oishii Cafe Launched Its New Menu

Dubai has no shortage of amazing cafes, but if you would ask me about my favourite cafe in Dubai, I would undoubtedly say that it is Simply Oishii. Simply Oishii was love at first sight. For a person like me who has been longing to visit Japan, this cafe was a huge treat. From Origami to cherry blossom, masks and Geisha dolls, Simply Oishii is a cutesy Japanese sanctuary nestled in a quiet corner of Al Barsha in Dubai.

When I first visited the cafe, I got to enjoy Japanese desserts such as pastries, cheesecakes, parfaits and coffees. But now they have launched a hot menu with a range of toothsome and authentic Japanese cuisines. Well, when you heard the word “Japanese Cuisines” Sushi is the thing that crossed your mind, right? But Simply Oishii’s surprise is not limited to Sushi alone.


 Gyoza Chicken At Simply Oishii

Apart from Sushi, this cafe serves delicious Japanese soups, starters, salads, ramen, bibimbap, Uramaki Rolls, Hosso Maki Rolls, Yakisoba, and Bentos. I have tried Spicy Chicken Bibimbap (5/5), Miso Soup (4/5), Gyoza Chicken(5/5), Crispy Miso Chicken Salad (5/5) and Fizzy Passionfruit (5/5). Everything served to me was super delicious, and they have managed to keep the authentic taste intact.

Bibimbap At Simply Oishii

The bakery uses only imported Kyoriki ko (Japanese High Protein flour) for making their baked products.

AED 65 for two people


Simply Oishii

Everything in this cafe is meant to transport us to Japan, and they did it gracefully. Only a passionate person can put this much effort into detailing a cafe and make us feel like we are teleported to Japan.

The cherry blossoms on the ceiling, Japanese lanterns, elegant Geisha dolls, adorable dolls of playing kids, tiny little Hinamatsuri dolls, modern artefacts such as Naruto and Kenshin Rounin figures, traditional Japanese miniature house etc takes you to a tour of Japanese culture. Even the placements are designed to deliver beautiful ideas behind Japanese words.

Besides, the origami kits and masks will unleash the inner child in you. There was a huge increase in the Origami on the roof during my second visit. I was poor in making Origami else I would have made one and hanged on the ceiling.

This cafe will keep you engaged and entertained throughout.

HOSPITALITY (Simply Oishii)

Simply Oishii

When you have these much things to stay occupied while you are in Simply Oishii, you might think that the service takes too long. But no, the service is fast and the staffs are super duper friendly. I really love the team.


A beautiful, engaging and spectacular cafe that serves authentic and delicious Japanese cuisines ideal for a romantic date, friends hangout and family time with kids.

Miso Soup At Simply Oishii
Shop 1, 
Ground Floor, 
Larimar Building, 
Opposite Al Maya Supermarket, 
Al Barsha Dubai 
Tel: 04 2273666 

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