Greens N Grills

Healthy Vs Unhealthy At Greens N Grills

Okay, don’t get confused with the caption and skip the page. I am going to talk about an establishment that serves both healthy and unhealthy food. First of all, congratulations team Greens N Grills for bringing out two unique concepts under one roof. It is beneficial for people like me and my husband to come together and dine without foul expressions. What I am saying is my husband loves unhealthy food and me, on the other hand, is very much conscious about healthy eating. (I do not appreciate my husband’s eating habits!).

Located in a not so crowded street of Ras Al Khor, Greens N Grills specializes in the healthy menu as well as Iranian grills. I was invited for a food collaboration with this restaurant, and all I wanted to say is I ENJOYED IT TO THE CORE.  I arrived at the hotel for lunch to see 90 percent of the seats are occupied. Impressed!

Ambiance (Greens N Grills)

Greens N Grills

The ambiance of this eatery is soothing. The green filled eatery has yellow lights and funky music. 

Food (Greens N Grills)

Greens N Grills
Almond Strawberry Chia Seed Pudding

Food is served in two menus- Green menu and Grill Menu. As soon they gave the menu cards, my husband took the grill menu and me as you know “the green menu.”

I have tried Chicken Tikka Kebab(5/5), Meat Tikka Kebab(5/5), Avocado Chicken Salad(5/5), Lime Coriander Fish(5/5), and Almond Strawberry Chia Seed Pudding(3/5). Everything served to us were so delicious, and my favorites were Lime Coriander Fish and Kebabs.


Greens N Grills

The staffs are so cute and energetic. They were always up to help us and extended us with a warm smile. 

Final Verdict

Greens N Grills is a decent restaurant to have food with friends and family. Though the restaurant is located a bit far away from the center, it is worth driving. This restaurant promotes a unique concept that encourages a healthy lifestyle, at the same time, not letting down the gastronomical urges of non-healthy eaters.

A hotel with a soothing ambiance, scrumptious food, and great hospitality. 

Greens N Grills

On the battle of healthy vs unhealthy at Greens N Grills, “healthy” won. My husband says unhealthy… LOL! Read more food stories here.

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