The Best Kerala Restaurant In Karama

Devour From The Best Kerala Restaurant In Karama

Karama is an excellent choice for Kerala food in Dubai. Whenever the ecstatic thoughts of nadan chicken and seafood dishes come to my mind, I take the next metro and rush to Karama. Last weekend was one such day with intense cravings for mallu food. As usual, I rushed to Karama and noticed this cute restaurant City Makani. Makani? Is that a north Indian restaurant?NOOOO…… I just saw Kerala porotta there!! Without a second thought, I hopped on to this eatery and ordered food. To my surprise, the food was delicious. If you are craving for a wholesome Kerala cuisine (like I have most of the time), try City Makani, and I feel it is The Best Kerala Restaurant In Karama.

Makani is home to north Kerala cuisines. I started with their traditional Kachh(dip) and veggies which is wayyyy better than nachos and dips.

And then their crispy porotta and mutton thala curry

The Best Kerala Restaurant In Karama.

And the flavoursome prawns and Makani special seafood

Prawns roast

That scrumptious Biriyani (The Best Kerala Restaurant In Karama)


And give thumbs up for everything guys!!! Yes it is The Best Kerala Restaurant In Karama so far!!

City Makani restuarant

I hail from south Kerala and hence never had authentic north Kerala cuisines in my life (apart from few), so it was like a new experience for me. The food was undoubtedly delicious with excellent service. I was not ok with the limited outdoor seating; in fact, it is great for the cooler season, but what about summer? However, they have managed to keep that tiny portion charming with all those flowers and stuff.
I hereby declare that from today on wards I am going to satisfy my gastronomical urges to Kerala food from City Makani. If you are skipping this restaurant for other renowned hotels nearby, you should rethink about it because I regret eating and wasting my money in other nearby hotels. Oh, standing in long queues for upset stomach as well!!

AED 65 for two people

City Makhani Shop 5, Ground Floor, Y 10 Building, Street 10 A, Behind Ansar Gallery, Al Karama, Dubai29253

Tel: 04 3988666

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