Best Indian Restaurants In Dubai

10 Best Indian Restaurants In Dubai 2023

From the aromatic spice-infused curries to a comforting masala chai, Indian food can never go wrong. Being miles away from a place that has a robust mixture of flavours, all that an Indian would ask is a plate of homely food. And this blog will guide you to the best Indian restaurants in Dubai. 

Indian food is not only loved by its natives, but it has also won the hearts of a global audience. However, the unique selling point of any Indian food must be its simplicity. Although Indian food highly esteems its simplicity, the intricacy of its preparation is overlooked. This means that you cannot whip up a good Indian meal in a short span of time. Take the simple combination of wheat paratha and a bowl of dal fry that can taste heavenly. But the precise composition of all the ingredients that go into making the perfect meal is hidden beneath its taste. Fret not if you aren’t a great cook. 

To enjoy such food, we have some restaurant recommendations that offer you great Indian food in Dubai. Dubai is not a new place for Indian cuisine. The city has many good places that serve authentic Indian delights. This guide will help you get your taste buds hit with divine Indian flavours. Out of plenty of restaurants that are shaking up the food drama-

Here are the top 10 best Indian restaurants in Dubai (in no particular order).

  1. Indya by Vineet
  2. Peppermill
  3. Tresind
  4. Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor
  5. Mint leaf of London
  6. Gazebo
  7. Bombay Bunglow
  8. Rasoi Ghar
  9. Calicut Paragon
  10. Rajdhani Street

#1  Indya by Vineet

Indya, founded by two-time Michelin starred Chef Vineet Bhatia, captures the vibrancy of India on our plates. With an enticing menu, the restaurant takes you through the whole spectrum of Indian states and guarantees a sophisticated dining experience. 

A place that is so acclaimed for its aesthetics, the interior itself speaks so much of India that it leaves no one unimpressed. Indya by Vineet is an excellent choice for a romantic dinner at the Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa at Dubai Marina. 

Meal for two people- AED 400

#2 Peppermill- Best Indian Restaurants In Dubai 


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While you are at the Dubai mall, don’t forget to climb up the full-packed escalator to jump straight into Peppermill, just next to the apple store on the second floor. The culinary artists behind Peppermill deserve praise for their inventive recipes and their creativity in serving them. The restaurant specializes in classic colonial recipes with a modern twist. 

Peppermill prepares traditional royal recipes that were once enjoyed by the royals and emperors of British India, with a creative twist to satiate the appetite of gastronomy adventurers.

Meal for two people- AED 195.

#3 Trèsind (Best Indian Restaurants In Dubai)

Trèsind is a modern Indian restaurant best at providing exquisite and surreal Indian food. The restaurant has even won prestigious awards that stands as a bona fide to its food and ambience. The décor creates a contemporary dining experience popular among Indians and non-Indians alike.

Located at the VOCO Hotel in Sheik Zayed Road, a meal for two would cost AED 690.

#4 Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor

The chef behind the Signature restaurant is the MasterChef Sanjeev Kapoor himself, familiar among the Indian households for his cookery shows. The signature restaurant is a famous player among the excellent Indian restaurants located in Dubai. The authentic colloquial cooking techniques of Indian food is a speciality there. 

The classy ambience and the dim-lit interior setup are perfect for an elegant dining experience. The restaurant has many branches across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

A meal for two would approximately cost AED 340. 

#5 Mint leaf of London

An evening with scrumptious Indian food with a breathtaking view of the world’s tallest building sounds divine? Then this premium eatery, Mint Leaf of London, is exactly where you would want to go. 

Alongside the food, the window walls, and the contemporary lighting gives you a magical experience at the restaurant. A mindful menu with spicy and non-spicy versions of classic Indian flavours is a highlight. If you’re after something very light, the bar offers a variety of cocktails to indulge in.

At Mint Leaf, you get served with the right thing-from fresh meats and seafood to organic veggies. 

Meal for two- AED 535. 

#6 Gazebo (Best Indian Restaurants In Dubai)

The Gazebo is an aesthetic restaurant that serves ultimate Mughal fare in Dubai. Every dish served at Gazebo is checked for perfection and is presented to you. For the epicure in you, Gazebo will prove its credibility.

A meal for two at the Gazebo will cost approximately AED 135

#7 Bombay Bungalow

Another great place that will surely make you fall in love with its aesthetics is Bombay Bungalow. The restaurant has a rustic familiarity of India to it that turns you nostalgic. Imagine the Bombay Kachoris served so artistically that you will never want to eat it without giving it a hundred clicks. Exactly what you get there. 

The chef’s menu features a blend of flavours, including the burrata butter chicken. The approximate cost of a meal for two people will be around AED 250

#8 Rasoi Ghar

Rasoi Ghar is a splendid eatery that is famous for its Gujarati and Rajasthani flavours. Rasoi Ghar serves vegetarian thali (a meal where you eat everything right from entrees to desserts together on one giant plate). The menu features around 27-30 different dishes every day. 

They cook your food in the healthiest way possible- without baking soda and with minimal oil.

Despite being a bit pricey for a thali, their delicacies are worth every penny. Rasoi Ghar is a must-visit for an Indian gourmet. 

Meal for two- AED 100. 

#9 Calicut Paragon

Calicut Paragon has established its name with south Indian delicacies from Kerala. The specialities of Calicut Paragon include the coastal dishes of the Calicut region. The menu caters to seafood lovers with a wide variety of fish. It also serves international delicacies.

If you crave Kerala on your plate, then head to this place without a second thought. Calicut Paragon offers a cosy dining experience without burning your pockets. This restaurant is a go-to among the Keralites in Dubai. 

Meal for two- AED 120

#10 Rajdhani Street

Rajdhani street is an Indian street style eatery with a modern punch. It serves some of the authentic street foods of northern India. The restaurant highlights the quirky aspects of India in its decorations. 

The dabbawalla cycle put up at the restaurant is a great spot to click your pictures. People love this place for its high style plating techniques. 

The Indianist interior setup is in line with what we would expect of a street shop. Rajdhani Street stands out among its competitors by cracking the creativity code in serving street food. Unlike the street food on our Indian streets, we never have to doubt their hygienic standards.

Meal for two- AED 120