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A Street Food Affair at Rajdhani Street

Rajdhani street is a desi restaurant that serves the spicy delights of Indian streets. Located in a quiet corner of Karama, this eatery is where you can get the best Indian street cuisines in Dubai (I am not hyping).

After shifting to the UAE, I started having a serious relationship with Indian street food. My typical Indian parents made me stay away from my love, “street food” for so long because of health concerns (cleanliness is an issue). But Dubai has opened a new gate for me to explore the taste of street food. On my quest to find the best street food in Dubai, I bumped into this fantastic restuarant.

Rajdhani Street

As soon as I entered the eatery, I felt like I am back in India. The cycle with dabbas, colorful walls and chic light made me feel like I am in a Rajasthani dhaba.

Rajdhani Street

I started with a veg lollypop. Being a fan of a chicken lollypop, I initially hesitated to try veg lollypop. I mean it is vegetables… But just one bite and I am flying. It was so delicious guys!!

I accidentally bite the stick in which the lollypop was served, and it tasted sugary. I was confused and later came to know that it is sugarcane.. how cool is that?

Para pura shikanji

When I was halfway through the lollypop, a drink was served to me in a long vessel which reminded me about Qutub Minar and tasted like heaven. If you are in Rajdhani street, don’t forget to try hara pura shikanji, you will love it. The taste of this drink will definitely tickle your tastebuds.

Rajdhani Street
Dahi Puri

The street delicacies from this restaurant didn’t fail to surprise me. Raj kachori and dahi puri were scrumptious- so far the best in Dubai.

Rajdhani Street

Ending it with hot and juicy jilebi wit Rabdi. The jalebis were crunchy and juicy!!
I had a food coma after eating from Rajdhani street. All I needed was a bed so that I can sleep. Overall my experience with Rajdhani street was fantastic, and I want all of you to try this place. I bet you won’t be disappointed.

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