Nouq Camel milk ice cream

A Camel Milk Ice Cream… A Whattt?

Stephan: “Would you like to try Camel Milk Ice cream from Nouq?”
Me: (on my mind)What??? “Ok, I will come.”

The story began like this…My eyes went wide open hearing camel milk! Going out of the culinary comfort zone was something not meant for me until I tasted Nouq ice cream. But life is all about being adventurous, right? After all, I am not eating any insects! Nouq is a low calories gelato made from camel milk.

The invite made me drive all the way from Al Nahda to Jumeirah only to taste “a cup” of ice cream (pat on my shoulder since I am so proud of being a brave eater). The only sample, he gave me to taste had chunks of pistachio on it, and it was mildly sugared. It tasted just like cow milk, but I must say it was delicious. The ice cream used high-quality pistachios from Italy.

However, the health benefits of camel milk ice cream made me go wow!

  • It has less fat, sugar, and cholesterol
  • It has 40% less calorie than other brands
  • It has more vitamins, minerals, and microelements
  • It has less lactose

These tasty and healthy ice creams are available in Arabic as well as international flavors. A fair amount of restaurants in Dubai serve this camel ice creams.

Nous Ice Cream

So, for the fitness freaks who can’t compromise their gastronomical urges to eat ice cream, grab this 10 AED cup of Nouq ice creams from your nearest supermarket. You can satisfy your taste buds without compromising your health. You can also order it online from

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In short, my experience with Nouq camel milk ice cream was great though I had the opportunity to taste only one flavor. I will try other flavors soon.

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